"You know, I've never seen one of them."
"You better hope you don't, Cythris, they're not something to mess with."
"Bet I could take one."
"You really couldn't. Y'know the swifthounds? Tanisme are worse than them. Loads worse."
— Cythris & friend


  Rarely found, on purpose or by accident, these creatures were born as a haunted creature of speed, incapable of truly dying or creating more of their own kind. Destined to run as fast as any other creature in the Eight Lands, they have over nine hundred legs under their body, the sheer sight of which is enough for you to believe it's simply an inumerable roiling mass beneath them. It is this immense amount of legs combined with their natural speed that propels them across the ground at such high speeds.   Their canine body is wrapped in thick, pure white fur, and their eyes are a blazing solid green with no visible iris or pupil. Their powerful jaws hold two rows of razor sharp teeth, more than able to tear into flesh.  


  While they may not initially appear as frightening, unlike swifthounds, their speed causes ear shattering caucophonies of bangs as they approach their maximum speed. As they near you, the ground will shake and rumble, and you will be frozen by a sense of impending doom right before your body hits the ground, dead.   At times they are known to stop right before you, watching you come to the realization that they are watching you be held in your fear, watching your very soul drain out of your body at the inevitability of their next move. They do this knowing that they will never leave these mortal lands, that their presence will never wane.   They toy with the world as the world toyed with their creation. They are not just haunted by their speed, they are plagued by it, incapable of being anything but the creature they were forced into being. They feel this to their very core, and in return for their creation, they are the dauntless ghosts of momentum.
Average Height
40 to 45 inches at the shoulder
Average Weight
200 lbs
Average Length
7 to 7.5 feet


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23 Dec, 2021 19:05

Whoah, they sound super sonic! I want one! No, two! I can tame them, bring it on. :3   Keep up the good work! :D

It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.
24 Dec, 2021 03:00

You're really dead set on taming most of these, aren't you? Either way, I imagine I can't dissuade you from it. Glad you enjoyed them!

24 Dec, 2021 07:28

You know me! I'm dead set on taming all the animals \o/ ^^   Well, most of them, some are just. no...

It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.