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Rural & Restful Retreats

When hunting for a new holiday location, one can't look farther than Rural & Restful Retreats. Make sure to pick up the latest copy from your local vendor.
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A Book of Places

  Originally curated and released by the Levin Brothers, Rural & Restful Retreats has become synonymous with a good holiday. Since their original inception and popularity growth, the Levin Brothers have expanded to have curators known as Restful Reviewers operate at all times of the year, traveling the Eight Lands in search of retreats for people to venture off to, as well as updating their existing entries.   While the identities of these Restful Reviewers aren't known, they do have some habits that they have to keep to to ensure that every place is on equal grounds. These habits include, but are not limited to, a two person patronage for two nights at an inn or similar establishment and a variety of simple requests from the proprietors that should be available to each customer.  

A Place of Books

  The logs of each retreat are held at each capital city of the Eight Lands, excluding Iscoania, to ensure that each area can supply their own copies of the book in a timely manner. Each log is written from the Reviewers account of the experience into a journal with a thick heavy jacket to protect it from elements and accidental damage while not being used.   The logs are held under multiple locks to ensure against tampering, with additional project on the heavy jackets of a glyph of protection, giving only certain people the ability to open the jackets to reveal the logs. The people who are able to open the jackets without issue are limited to the Levin Brothers, the managers of each capital branch, and the blocksetter for the manuscripts that become the books.
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