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"You don't understand! I'm not trying to hurt anyone, but that thing is! It just looks like a cat but it's pure evil! You have to believe me!"
— Unknown

The Darkest

  Created from surges in the lines of magic that trace across the Eight Lands, alsihria are a terror among magical creatures. Their nature leads them to devour what magic they can, utilizing some of it to create effects to make them more effective at finding and eating magic. Some of the maggic they ingest can also be used to defend themselves, with elemental magicks causing them to manifest abilities of that particular element.   More obscure and less elemental magicks can cause unpredictable results, from mutating their forms far beyond that of a simple cat, to them being able to camouflage themselves, rendering them effectively invisible.   Not uncommonly "adopted" by families who encounter them, alsihria use urban areas to their advantage, using the perception that they are nothing but simple cats to hide from potential predators, such as the Hunters of the Magisterium.  
by Theiket (via MidJourney)

The Dimmest

  First encountered by the original Hunter, Raenisa, alsihria have become one of their top priorities to hunt down. After encountering one that had grown to the size of a house and had become armoured in rock and ice, their goal is to hunt them to extinction. Though they aim for extinction, it is known that their goal is largely seen as unachievable as their birth can happen at any moment.   When all that is required to create them is a simple surge of magic through the lines of the Eight Lands, it becomes nearly impossible to prevent such an event from happening. They are not created at every surge, however, but no patterns have emerged as to what surges may bring them forth into the world.
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