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Phyte or Flight

This is your captain speaking. Terribly sorry for the delay, but there was a queue.
— Teru Anom Zere, ecranoplan pilot
The Phyte or Flight is one of the most popular restaurants selling phyte chips in Nadezhda City. It is located at the sea side, next to an ekranoplan pier. It is run by Valentina and Theodora Marouli, an elderly married couple who immigrated from Luna in the 60s.   The word "restaurant" may give the wrong impression. The place does not have any actual seating arrangements, just a few tables to stand at. Many patrons choose to eat their food on the nearby beach and watch the ekranoplans race across the water. It isn't much to look at either, just an old grey shipping container that was repurposed into a small building, with a window for streetside sales and a tall metal chimney. The name "Phyte or Flight" is painted on the sides in tall letters, in a vibrant green color.   What it lacks in presentation, the shop more than makes up for in quality. A carefully chosen blend of phyte powder and 8 combined decades of experience result in phyte chips with a uniquely airy and crispy texture. Combine this with a wide and constantly changing selection of dips, and you get the most sought after snack in the city. Word of mouth has reached far beyond, and many visitors stop by the Phyte or Flight at least once. When the weather is nice, the queue can easily reach a hundred meters. This is exacerbated by the fact that due to the age of the proprietors, the opening hours have been reduced in recent years. Rumor has it Valentina and Theodora are currently looking for a cook skilled enough to continue their legacy.
Founding Date
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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4 Dec, 2020 17:40

Really nice description, I can definitely picture me going to get some chips there and eating them on the beach :)