Union of The Four-Horned Demon

It's an alliance between our house, houses Avernus, Gremory, and Gusion, with the houses of the other Zan'nil. We all do business together; we export what our farms produce and import whatever the other houses specialize in, all at highly discounted rates. Me, I think my favorite import is House Gremory's jewelry. Their mountain sits on a stockpile of Grii'ta. And sure, the metal is expensive enough to make a demon double-check his wallet, but because of our alliance, we get a 25% discount.   More importantly, though, is our united political interests as well as defensive pacts.  
—Naomi Zaliin, explaining the Union to Daniel Arena

A rare occurrence in Infernus are what are known as "Ralvaniin'kol," or "A Great Overlapping Alliance(s)."   Most often, within the Noble Household System, two or more noble houses, whether lesser or greater, make alliances in, most commonly, business, politics, or defensive pacts. These are "Uvavaniin," or "Single Allliance(s)." When all noble houses in a singular Zan'nil (sometimes multiple Zan'nil) decide to form an alliance (comprised of Uvavaniin), it then becomes "Yuvaniin, An Overlapping Alliance(s)."   When all noble houses decide to band under a single alliance, always done within their respected Zan'val, each Yuvaniin bands together to form Ralvaniin'kol. One such Ralvaniin'kol is the Zan'val kii Kulvii'iir's Union of The Four-Horned Demon.

Four Demon's Horns United

In In'lazankel (Elder Demon), the name of the alliance differs from its English and Lazankel (Modern Demon) forms. The Elder form of the alliance is written as Zain'lazankel vol Dav'riin Fen'kulniil, literally translating to Of Four Demon's Horns in Unity. 

Zain'lazankel vol Dav'riin Fen'kulniil.png

Zain'lazankel vol Dav'riin Fen'kulniil by bnichs

The first character of the alliance is Zain'lazankel, meaning Four Demon. The second character is the particle vol, which indicates possession of the following noun. The third character is Dav'riin, meaning horn (in this context, pluralized). The final character is Fen'kulniil, a special character meaning that the nouns and/or verbs preceding it are in unity  In English and Standardized Lazankel, however, the name is changed to Union of the Four-Horned Demon or Shenkulniil kii Zain Lazankel vol Dairiin


Dueling Demons

First founded in the Elder 8th Line (Generation Final Great/Reawakening) by Elder Demons Iish'meia Zale'os (Saleos), Nak'varun Ge'morii (Gremory), Andaruv'an Aa'mon, and Viin'valkun Mal'tas, the Union of the Four-Horned Demon began as Yuvaniin between the Uvavaniin Zar'ishnavun kii Vel'kafiin and The Duet of Shiiv'ankraal. Initially, the name of the Union was Union of the Dueling Demons, named after the long and bloody history of both Uvavaniin's conflicts with politics and business.
There was a time Saleos and Gremory hated Aa'mon and Mal'tas. Hell, they use to kill each other over petty business deals gone wrong and conflicts of minor political interests.  
- Amanda Saleos
  The goal of the Union of the Dueling Demons was to put an end to the bloodshed between both Uvavaniin and to bring prosperity between both Uvavaniin. At first, the Union indeed helped in dissolving further bloodshed, but the issue of nonviolent hostilities between the two remained, going as far as to embargo each other. After many years, in fact, not until the Elder 9th Line (Generation Cursed), the Union was finally able to sign the first "true" deal between Uvavaniin: Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin, a deal that would lift the embargos in addition to creating multiple fair trade deals between them. Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin, a major success, was amended and introduced an 8% discount on all imports and exports between the Uvavaniin.   After the success that was Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin and the newfound prosperity of the Yuvaniin, word around the Zan'val kii Kulvii'iir spread; the great prosperity between the four noble houses becoming an envy to many others.

The Tri-Horned Demon

At the end of Elder 9th Line (Generation Cursed), both houses Satan'na (Avernus) and Gusii'on (Gusion) had joined the Zar'ishnavun kii Vel'kafiin. With the addition of both houses, especially House Satan'na, the High Royal Family of Zatan'niir kii Zul'nan (Realm of Wrath), the wanting to join the Union of Dueling Demons was ever higher.   Seeking Zan'nil kii Univiil's Pact of the Twin Ka'tiinza joining into the Union, the Dueling Demons proposed another amendment to Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin should the Pact join: raising the discount rate of exports and imports to 12% as well as introducing common political interests. Houses Ashtaroz and Bar'batoshz (Barbatos), heavy victims of the The Kur'ska, without hesitation, joined the Dueling Demons. With the joining of a third Uvavaniin, the Dueling Demons needed a name change to compensate for their third major member. The name Union of the Tri-Horned Demon was settled on.
The significance of a three horned demon you ask? Hmm, well most, if not all demons back in the day only had two horns. To be born a three-horned demon was considered to be born with great fortune, and to have lifelong prosperity.  
- Naomi Zaliin
True to the significance of its name, the Union lifted the Pact of the Twin Ka'tiinza into prosperity they hadn't seen since Elder 4th Line (Generation Fruitful). The alliance itself, although of the utmost of benefits to the three major Unaviin, still lacked one common interest: defensive pacts.

The Final Horn of A Since Lost Family

When the 4th Great Holy was inevitable for Infernus, there was a need for each Uvavaniin to look out for each other's well-being once Ri'ful'dan and his army of angels decided to attack the Realm. The final amendment to Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin was made: a defensive pact between each member. However, the union felt that in order for a defensive pact to truly have the greatest and desired effect, they needed the admission of the final of the four major Uvavaniin: the Union of the Forest Baphomet, led by the Great House Ba'luna.   Perhaps the most prideful of all houses within the Zan'val, House Ba'luna, and by extension the Forest Baphomet, never showed interest in forming an alliance with any other of the Greater Noble Houses. To persuade the Forest Baphomet, High King Iish'kulrulniir Satan'na personally visited House Ba'luna with Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin with the intention of allowing Lord Nai'kiilmiin Ba'luna to propose an amendment that would benefit the Forest Baphomet, with respect to the Tri-Horned Demon.   For 4 months, Lords Satan'na, Ba'luna, as well as the other Heads of Houses negotiated on a deal that would benefit both Alliances. When it seemed negotiations would inevitably fell, a small but powerful army of angels descended upon Ba'luna Grounds. The battle lasted four days and nights and afterward, Lord Ba'luna admitted that without the help of the other noble houses, his own might not have survived the attack. Immediately following the battle, with all the heads of each of the major alliances already gathered together, the final amendment to Feriin'zel kii Gal'kiin was made: a defensive pact between all members of the alliance.   With the admission of the final of the four major alliances of the Zan'val, the alliance changed its name for the final time: The Union of the Four-Horned Demon, each horn a representation of the four major Uvavaniin.
A four-horned demon. It was, even in Ancient times, incredibly rare to see such a thing. They say that a four-horned demon is a demon of legend. Something of the utmost power, unbreakable and unyielding. I have a tale of the great Leviathan facing off against a four-horned demon that lasted months, well, months in their time...not ours.   
- Naomi Zaliin
After the joining of the Union of the Forest Baphomet, the Union of the Four-Horned demon officially declared themselves Ralvaniin'kol, one of only three formed at the time.

Members & Their Modern-Day Involvement

Zar'ishnavun kii Vel'kafiin

he first and oldest of the four major uvavaniiin, Zar'ishnavun kii Vel'kafiin is an alliance between houses Avernus, Saleos, Gremory, and Gusion.


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