God (Ri'ful'dan)

Father of Angels, Holder of the Mantle of Order and All Things Holy

  Our primordial enemy, our greatest rival since the the gathering of the 5. And yet because of them being a Fundamental, we must find a respect in them for granting us this Universe. And so, Ri'ful'dan, he who is our unholy, we both curse and offer our respects to you.   - Avernia Kiin'tel. An Introduction to the 5 Primordials


Ri'ful'dan, "our unholy," in the Ancient Demon language, is better known as simply God in the Abrahamic religions. Ri'ful'dan is the 3rd emerged of the 5 Primordials, emerging in the event known as First Light, when the Universe was illuminated for a brief moment before returning to darkness. It was at this time the mind of the concept of Order emerged.   Unlike Zan'nal'takriin who wants the Universe to be left to Chaos and unpredictability, Ri'ful'dan wants the Universe to follow a system of operations, to be orderly with himself leading it. This opposition of ideals has led the two to have clashing ideologies in just about everything. Because of this, since the emergence of Ri'ful'dan, he and Zan'nal'takriin have fought, both verbally and physically. Several times have their fighting nearly brought forth the end of the Universe itself.  

Primordial Manifestation & Clashes with Zan'nal'takriin

Primordial Manifestation & Clashes with Zan'nal'takriin During Primordial Manifestation, an event in which the 5 Primordials except The Fifth took form of ethereal wisps, Ri'ful'dan took form of a white and radiant wisp with a golden center.   During Universal Creation, several times did Zan'nal'takriin destroy the particles that the Primordials created. Each time Zan'nal'takriin did this, Ri'ful'dan became more and more upset at the devil destroying their grand creations, even if they did lead to new wonders. Eventually, Ri'ful'dan had enough of Zan'nal'takriin's actions and decided to leave the Primordial's grand workshop.   The resulting consequences had been done, however. Much to Ri'ful'dan's disdain, the Universe was self-sustainable and no longer needed intervention from him to continue in its existence. The first stars were born, and Ri'ful'dan was upset that Zan'nal'takriin's ideals were proving to be superior.   Once the first stars were collapsed by the Great Enigma, there came new concepts. Concepts elemental. The Elemental Deities.  

The Elementals and Formation of Order

Of the first of the elements was the concept of Rebirth: Phoenix. It was Ri'ful'dan who took the opportunity to form an alliance with Phoenix whilst Zan'nal'takriiin was away. While Zan'nal'takriin was away, beginning his project of creating Infernus, Ri'ful'dan continued to create with Phoenix until the Universe was filled with a sea of stars. And for a time did the two create alongside the Fifth. That was, until more Elementals came into being from concepts. The Fifth decided to leave the grand workshop alongside Chronos as they both deemed the Univeres no longer needing their intervention.   With only Ri'ful'dan and the Elementals now creating, this gave Ri'ful'dan the opportunity to create an alliance with the existing Elementals. And he did so, forming the first major Order known to history: The Divine Order of Deities. Naturally this gained the attention of Ri'ful'dan, pulling him from his work on Infernus.  

Clash of Ideologies

Upon return, Zan'nal'takriin saw what Ri'ful'dan and the Elementals had created in his absence and felt hatred towards his rival, feeling like his ideals of Chaos had been directly challenged now. Zan'nal'takrrin managed to persaude several of the Elementals in taking up his ideologies. Now their were two sides: the Elementals that sided with Rif'ful'dan and Elementals that sided with Zan'nal'takriin. For a while there was debate on what should continue. When a solution could not be reached, the deities turned to a challenge of power; the winner would decide how the Universe should continue.   This challenge of power would spiral completely out of control with the Universe itself nearly becoming undone. It was only after Chronos and The Fifth became involved did a solution finally come to. The solution: leave the Universe as it was, leave it neutral, much to Ri'ful'dan's anger. However, Ri'ful'dan had influenced the Universe enough that many things would follow some order.  

Angels & Paradiso

After the Clash of Ideologies of the Deities and the fact that the Universe would now become Neutral, Ri'ful'dan decided to create his own plane of existence. Unlike Zan'nal'takriin, Ri'ful'dan had no desire to create images of himself out of pride. Instead, Ri'ful'dan used his power to create a new form of life, something he deemed holy, unlike the demons of Infernus.   And so, in his first act Ri'ful'dan created the Archangels, beings that would assist him in create the perfect realm where Order prevails over all. Ri'ful'dan and the Archangels created for a time, the realm of Paradiso. While they created, Ri'ful'dan and the Archangels became ever closer, the Archangel eventually coming to revere Ri'ful'dan s more than a father. It was then that they took upon themselves names, each a representation of their feelings of Ri'ful'dan. This gave Ri'ful'dan a new meaning he came to understand: Love. And with this new understanding did he finally take his corporeal form.  

The Crossroads

With many realms under creation, it was decided by Chronos, The Fifth, and The Great Enigma that the all deities work together to create a realm that could connect all realms. For the final time, all deities worked once more to link realms into a single point. But this point would be neutral, meaning no fighting would be allowed between deities. Much to the Ri'ful'dan's liking he graciously linked Paradiso to the Crossroads.  

After the Creation Eon

The completion of the Crossroads marked end of the Creation Eon. At this point the Universe was self-sustaining with no intervention from any deity. Ri'ful'din returned to Paradiso and resumed his work with the Archangels, completing his realm and now prepared to guide his Archangels into the next eon.
Ri'ful'dan in his true angelic form

Reality Breaker & Rifts

Being a Primordial Deity, Ri'ful'dan is capable of performing unique feats to only himself. Ri'ful'dan has one reality breaker which is a reality rift of its own, and another separate reality rift.   Reality Breaker/Rift: Divine Resurrection   Ri'ful'dan being the ultimate master of the Spiritual Arts can negate the usual consequences of resurrections, allowing him to bring back even a deity from death (ignoring even the 3 lives rule) at full strength. This is not just limited to lives of deities or mortals, but also "dead concepts" that have been deemed too dangerous even in the hands of deities.   Reality Rift: Pillar of Divinity   Ri'ful'dan's complete mastery of both the elemental and spiritual arts allow him to combine the two pillars into one new pillar for a brief moment. The resulting pillar is unique to Ri'ful'dan and himself only; the Pillar of Divinity, magic that is always fatal to beings of chaos.   To date, only one spell has been recorded under the Pillar of Divinity: Divine Assured Widespread Holy Cleansing. This spell creates a brief illumination of light covering an entire solar system that affects only marked targets (always beings of chaos), and burns them with the Purifying Illuminations of Paradise. Most demons and devils will be killed instantly if this spell is used. The drawback of this spell however, is that even Ri'ful'dan's seemingly infinite mana pool will be consumed.

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