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Gaspard Legrande

I'm Lady Amanda's left-hand, her shadow that operates unseen. I'm also her intelligence gatherer and lead detective.¬†During our operations, you shouldn't worry about me. I can slip seen and unseen whenever I wish.  
Gaspard Legrande meeting Daniel Arena
Among the positions of the duriin'miin, it is the Left-Hand that is tasked with doing the dirty work of nobles. For Lady Amanda Saleos, that is none other than her trusted man Gaspar Legrande. Serving under Lady Amanda's duriin'miin, Ven'naas, Legrande is a reincarnated devil hailing from Paris back in the Mortal Realm.¬†     Much of Gaspard's background is unknown even to Amanda, as he has never bothered to tell her about it. His past is so secretive even Lord Duraiiven Saleos knows nothing of it. All anyone knows is that he is a reincarnated devil with incredible detective and reconnaissance skills. Although Amanda knows next to nothing about Gaspard's history, she has pieced together that he was involved in law enforcement in his past life.   Being the Left-Hand, Legrande is tasked with carrying out Amanda's more "secretive" deeds that require utmost discretion, although Amanda's orders are never sinister. Instead, Legrande's skills are used by Amanda for infiltration, evidence gathering, and field reconnaissance. Occasionally, Legrande also carries out interrogations, interrogations that have frightened even Mikiin Serkos. His skill set has also led to Ven'naas completing difficult operations easily and capturing escaped fiends, criminals, and even demons. He has even earned praise from various police departments and Lord Duraiiven himself.   Oddly enough, if he wanted, Gaspard could leave Amanda's service and join Lord Damiion or Duraiiven's duriin'miin, where his talent could be used in more advanced operations and yield higher rewards. Yet, he decides to stay under Amanda's service. As to why he chooses to remain in servitude to Amanda, only Gaspard himself truly knows.
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