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Over there, that's...jakiil right? The plant that stores water right?   Damnit Aniil! How many times have you seen jakiil in your life. Better yet, how many times have you seen galiil already? This. Is. Galiil. You know, only our sacred plant. How can you call yourself Vraii'jashuk if you can't even tell the difference. I mean look at the damn thing! How in the devil's sweet morning breath can you mistake this for anything else!   Either you're an idiot, you're messing with me, or the desert has made you delusional.  
- Nariike Valashaa to Aniil Lashaska.

The number of beneficial plants in Niil'vrai'kiin Jo'saahish can be counted on a single hand. Among these is the Galiil, a stocky plant that has evolved to grow in the desert. It has very little nutritional capabilities but can be eaten. Although for a foolish devil, Galiil may seem like the Great Devil's personal meal, it is something else entirely for the Vraii'jashuk that call the desert home.

An Oddity of Botany

Oddly enough, of the small numbers of flora living in the desert, the galiil is the only plant that requires no water to survive. In fact, even to the Vraii'jashuk and botanists around the realm, the plant looks alien. DNA tests of the plant have revealed that it has no common ancestor to any other flora in Infernus. Its DNA strand is unlike any other, and the fact that it requires no water to survive the scorching and dry desert has led many to believe that the galiil is a plant that predates even Elder Demons.   It's true that during the Ancient Rule that flora didn't require water to survive. Instead, they could feed off the various metals found within the soils and crust of a still young Infernus. However, all plants from that time are thought to be extinct. Perhaps all but one have gone extinct. For in fact, like the plants of ancient times, the galiil can feed on metals. And as it so happens, most galiil are found where there are deposits of metals such as iron, ekrikal, and even silver. As peculiar as this sounds, modern research has proven this phenomenon, providing further evidence that the plant comes from when the Ancients still ruled Infernus.   However, only theories have been thrown around. And determining if the plant is truly from billions of years ago can only be proven via finding a plant with similar properties that happens to share some DNA structure or by finding a fossil of it and hoping that it can be dated that far back.


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