Spell: Create Fire


This spell allows the magician to create fire.  


Creating fire happens via one of these methods:  


As a type of energy, light itself may be changed into fire. This fire is difficult to create in the air or vacuum (anywhere light exists but is not seen), and easiest to create at a location that light is produced or reflects.  

Common Side Effect

  • Fire created in this manner is likely to not burn at the correct temperature, often running cold or hot.
  • The surrounding light may dim as light is seen as fuel for this fire.
  • This fire may only continue to burn as long as additional light exists in the area.

Gravitas - Quickness

  Temporary changes to materials allows using these materials to create fire. For example, when Dalin Gliss first discovered magic, he used Quickness to change wood as it was being struck by a knife to act like a flint.  

Common Side Effect

  • Materials affected in this way may take on extra properties during the time they are changed. e.g., the wood used as flint may also change color.
  • A source material with the desired property may swap properties with the target material.


The properties of fire, air, heat, and/or combustion may be changed to cause fire. Fire created in this manner is difficult to control.  

Common Side Effect

  • The temperature of the surrounding area increases or decreases
  • A ball of ice may be created nearby

Relevant Science

  • Combustion
  Additional relevant sciences depend on the type of magic being used. These include:  
  • Optics
  • Materials

Fundamental Principles

Combustion is a fundemental principle of this spell.  

Preventative Knowledge

Understanding of the properties of various materials and requirements for their combustion makes these spells more difficult to cast.  


Fire on specific material types, or those types of fires on different materials are specializations of this type of spell.  


This is the first type of spell cast on Poneren, with Dalin Gliss using Quickness to give wood the properties of flint, allowing him to create fire from wood and metal.


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