Stone Soup

Throughout Lochgrain there is a tradition in many of the smaller communities when a child or elder falls very ill. Though a simple affair, it is hugely popular and is believed to spread even as far as Drakenvald to its southern areas.

To start the traditional dish, the family member closest to those affected 'borrow' the largest pot in town, usually held for such occassions at the town hall, and put three cleaned river stones the size of a fist in the soup, and fill the rest of it with broth or fresh, clean water at the beginning of the day. From that point onwards, everyone in town brings forward a small bit of food to add to the soup, to help enrich the soup, and bring hope to the family who needs it at that time.

When the soup is finished cooking at nightfall, all those who gave food take only a single bowl of soup for each member of their family, and the family who asked for help gets two bowls for each family member, and the left over rocks. It is believed that the rocks, experiencing so much joy, good will, and seasoned in the salted meats, and hearty vegetables, have healing properties for the sick and dying. Though this is superstition, it is still believed that the rocks provide a blessing to the household, and that those who die sleeping with the rocks beneath their pillow, have a restful, remorseless death, knowing so many cared about their life.

This soup usually happens in smaller communities, but in larger communities it can be found via multiple pots, or a designated "boiling" area specifically for that occasion. Overall, the stone soup is a tool to help bring communities together in times of crisis, and some ethnicities will use it to band together the few resources they have to help work together, and build up a stronger community as a result.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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