It may be small, but it's home. There are a surprising amount of places to explore in and around town though. We're pretty close to some neat ruins and magical looking areas.
— Taimi Orav
    This quaint town is nestled in the Fairfolk Mountains on Yarcam Lake where it meets the Starfall River. It is a newer settlement that formed after The Great Shattering. Survivors in the area sought a safe place to call home that was near one of the few surviving fresh water sources.    


  Faecrest was formed adjacent to the ruins of an old village that didn't survive the event. Constructors used salvaged material from the ruins to build their new town. They started with a few important buildings and some homes. Over time they built outward, the old village shrinking as they took more and more from it.  

Center of Town

  At the heart of Faecrest is a small park and community garden. It started out and still is a gathering place for everyone. There are benches, a couple tables, and a sheltered area. Festivals and other major events are often held here.   To the east of the park is the post office and a small church. On the west side is the first general store and a pharmacy.
Small Town
Year Formed

People of Note

  • Taimi Orav

    Locations of Note

  • Truth Seekers club house

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