Looking to plan your next vacation or need a new place to move your household to? Consider visiting the beautiful isles of Inisglas! Our ground is stable, there's a handful of gorgeous lakes, and our climate is warm year round!
— Intro to a travel brochure.
  Located near the center of the planet, Inisglas is one of the many shattered islands that float above the sea. It was one of the first locations to have settlements rebuild after The Great Shattering and has grown into a popular destination to both visit and live.  


Inisglas does not experience snow or super cold temperatures in the winter. It is moderately warm and not too humid year round. Light, pleasant winds are common and the isle receive most of their heavier rain in the late fall through end of winter. The weather is perfect for people with health conditions affected by the cold and damp.


Several chunks of land form this region. There are some weak spots in the land's edges, but a majority of the area is stable with a low risk of crumbling away or falling back to the sea. The two mountain ranges are of a moderate height and not tall enough to impact the climate. Fresh water fills the surviving lakes and the single river. In the south east there is a large hole which was present before the shattering. There are plenty of thriving forests as well.
One of the more major shattered islands located towards the center of the world.
Island, Floating
Included Locations
Season Temp
Summer 60 - 95
Autumn 50 - 72
Winter 45 - 55
Spring 52 - 78


Author's Notes

The name for this island came from Dimitris during a stream where I asked for inspiration. It's named after one of his own sky islands and they're cross-dimensional "sibling" islands in a way, hehe.

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