Truth Seekers

There are secrets out there hidden among the rubble of the past and we seek to piece it all together. Other than fun adventures, we hope to unravel what exactly happened in the Shattering with the hopes of showing the proper adults to prevent more bad things like that.
    This rag-tag group of teenagers formed on a Summer's morning out of boredom. Taimi, who was 15 at the time, read a salvaged book published before the Shattering and grew fascinated with how things were during that period. A fierce curiosity rose and she gathered other teenagers willing to learn more with her.    

Into the Ruins

  Aside from lounging at the club house, the group explores local ruins and deserted buildings in their free time. Despite being adventurous, they do take care in some aspects. The teens avoid areas on unstable soil and / or are close to the island's crumbling edges. If a location grows too dangerous, Taimi ends the journey and escorts the group back to base.   Truth Seekers are willing to explore just about anything from the past. Their main focus, however, are locations that may contain interesting items or information that would be lost otherwise. Each member brings backpacks with supplies. Most items are in all bags, while some listed items are only carried by one or two people.   Exploration Pack Essentials
  • Respirators / Masks
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Rope
  • Snacks and Water
  • Wind up Lanterns
  • Collection Bags and Jars
  • Lighters
  • Pocket Knife

    Structure and Responsibilities

      Taimi is the creator and leader of the Truth Seekers. She oversees all activities and incoming complaints from the other members. When exploring, she always leads and directs others to tasks best suited for them. Taimi also ensures their collections are orderly and thoroughly cataloged.   The second in command is Erwin. He is Taimi's childhood friend and she trusts him the most. When Taimi is absent he handles both their responsibilities. During expeditions, he keeps watch from the back of the group and also handles the heavy lifting. His main duties include maintenance of the club house, helping other members, supply gathering, and running reports to those their group connects with.   There are no title ranks or other official structure to the club. All other responsibilities are evenly spread among the members. Task are delegated by age and individual capabilities.
    Secret Club
    Year Formed
    50 Years after The Great Shattering


  • Taimi Orav
  • Erwin Bluom
  • Aelwyn Greenway


  • Pondering Thine Orb
  • Beach combing
  • "Artifact" trading
  • Picnics at the ruins

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    Dec 11, 2021 20:31 by Chi

    Interesting wip! What dangers do they face in the ruins and do they have a backup plan if things go south?