Yarcam Lake

I love taking a dip in the water on hot days. It's a good spot to explore with my fellow Truth Seekers as well. One day we're bound to find something big down there. We've already found weird odds and ends washed up on the beach.
— Taimi Orav
    This body of water is on the eastern side of the Fairfolk Mountains. It has one exit that feeds into the Starfall River to the south. It was initially a smaller lake. The Great Shattering did enough damage to the surrounding area to widen and deepen the lake bed.    


  Most species managed to survive past events and continue thriving in the current day. There are a variety of plants and animals that call the clear waters home. The Shattering left numerous cave and tunnel systems under the water when the lake expanded. These areas have yet to be fully explored.   Yarcam is full of fresh, warm water. There is little to no pollution and in many areas, people can see the bottom clearly. To date the lake remains healthy and diverse.     Rumors
  • There is an undisturbed reality rift currently hidden too deep to affect anything. Only time will tell if it causes trouble.
  • The underwater caves lead to more ruins or a secluded settlement.
  • The lake can act as a portal to different realms under the right conditions / circumstances.
  • Type
    Freshwater Lake

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    Connected Locations

  • Faecrest

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