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Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Feminine names tend to end in an, en, in, a, i, or ah.

Masculine names

Masculine names tend to end in an, en, on, n, er, ar, or h

Family names

Mescrain family names tend to be short (six letters or less) and are kept by the men in the family. It is not frowned upon, however, for a bride to keep her original last name to honor her family if she so chooses.

Other names

All first names tend to be longer than the last names and have at least three syllables, or at least a lot of letters to make up for lack of syllables. The only short first names belong to twins. It is a custom if you have twins to give each a short name so together they make a long name.


Major language groups and dialects

Mescrians speak Scacanthum as a primary language.

Shared customary codes and values

Mescrians view every man as having the right to take up a boat, a plow, or a brush and making a difference n his community. Mescrians view Pentham in a naturalist light, seeing man as inferior to nature and its ways. Art is highly respected yet farming and fishing are traditionally honored as an upright Mescrian occupation.

Common Dress code

While it is common for women to wear a dress or kirtle to public functions, festivals, celebrations, or formal occasions, women normally wear a tunic with trousers or something of the like. Mescrians are hard working people and their wardrobe reflects their efforts to  do a good job. Most days you can find anyone wearing work clothes. The dresses worn to formal occasions are the family's pride and joy.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

As a tradition started in the Age of Isuldians, when food was scarce and sickness ran rampant, a child is not named until it is seven days old. At that time, the parents may formally announce the name to community at the site of the city council and the child name would be recorded by the council. This event is normally celebrated afterwards on the same day by everyone in the town sharing a meal. Revelry and dancing occur.

Coming of Age Rites

All Mescrians on their nineteenth birthday must have both earlobes pierced through with a gold stud to mark their coming of age and the honor they brought to their family. To have one's earlobes pierced meant they could now buy a plot of land, attend city sessions, become a member of the local council, and are also eligible for marriage.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Funeral boats lit by fire and set afloat on the sea of Mith is the traditional way of sending off the dead, however if the family cannot travel to the sea, a funeral pyre in the shape of a boat or made of a boat is acceptable.

Common Myths and Legends

-Cricker's Chest

Historical figures

-Merninthar, first king of Mescar -Garneran Utuam, second dynasty of Mescar, first corrupt king, first king in the Age of Disorder
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