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The Skêeren

Although the legend of the Skêeren originated as a fisherman's tale to explain the abnormal geography of the coast along the edge of the Skêerenshadow Sea and the arrival of the first settlers who crossed the sea, this mythical beast has been proved to be more or less real based on the recent findings of the geological-historical team from the Mês University.


Once, long before the settlers of Mescar landed on the eastern shores of our nation, a great named the Skêeren guarded this land. His days were spent wandering the vast Grassland of Cours and drinking from the lakes beneath the Sailgoêr Mountains before sleeping in the hollow of the Hoekbowvl. Penthar especially loved this massive creature, providing it all it could ever need and giving it a special job: protecting the land which would one day become the nation of Mescar. The Skêeren defended his home from pirates and explorers who were not destined to bring about Mescar and soon had a reputation among travelers of Pentham as a deadly threat. Soon, adventurers of all kinds came to the eastern shore of Mescar to try and best the massive monster. By divine power, the Skêeren defeated all settlers who attempted to engage the beast or set up a colony on its land. Adventurers, settlers, and warriors of all kinds then set about to create a massive battle group to destroy this Skêeren which "stole" the land which was rightfully "theirs". At the same time, a small vessel holding a dozen families pushed off from the northern shore of the Mith Sea, heading for any landmass which may appear. They were escaping the clutches of tyranny in the north where Argestnoth held power. the vessel, guided by Penthar, sailed straight and fast to the shores of Mescar in the region where the Skêeren lived. When the refugees first spotted land, they were aghast. A hundred ships sat moored in the natural bay launching flaming arrows at a massive beast. The refugees tried to turn the ship around, but Penthar's tide held the ship fast and pulled it in among the battle group. The Skêeren bellowed a deafening cry and launched itself into the sea, destroying all but one of the ships in the harbor; the refugee's ship slipped unharmed through the beast's claws as he crashed down upon the enemy. The Skêeren then clawed it's way out of the bay, creating the Skêerenscars upon the headlands. Mescar had it's first settlers. Guarding the newcomers closely, the Skêeren continued to protect the land until the first settlers had grown their family to tenfold and had built their first fortified village. At this time, Penthar caused the beast to feel mightily sleepy. Wandering his way to the place where he had crushed the adventurers ships, the Skêeren slipped into the water and fell under the tide, resting at the bottom. It is said the Skêeren will rise again in Mescar's most trying hour.

Historical Basis

As far as historians can tell, the myth of the Skêeren holds true to many actual events in history around the time 400 AEG in the Age of Simplicity.

Variations & Mutation

Just as any story with a massive monster waiting to return, many parents will adapt the ending line of "The Skêeren will rise at Mescar's most trying hour" into "The Skêeren will rise again if you don't eat your fish" as appropriate motivation for children who are suddenly 'not hungry'.

Cultural Reception

Devout Mescrian believers of Penthar tend to hold the story of the Skêeren near and dear as a reminder that in the darkest hour, help will come.

In Art

A stained glass window of the royal hall in Karsah-Kryzêe is dedicated to the Skêeren as well as a massive tapestry in the great hall. Many paintings and songs were created by common folk on the subject.
Date of Setting
~200 AEG
Related Ethnicities

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