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Winthrop is a large city within the region of Adelic. It is known for its heavy focus on the magical arts, including a prominent magical academy. It, along with the kingdom, is ruled by the Rakshasa Isvoth, disguised as a human by the name of Leopold.

Recently, homeless have been going missing on Winthrop's streets at night. While no one can say why for sure, many claim to have seen men in all black armor out at night kidnapping poor citizens.


Extroardinarily diverse; humans make up 20% of the population.


The city is surrounded by thick walls and a magical aura that prevents teleportation into the city. The walls themselves are home to several guard towers and mage towers alike, and the walls are patrolled day and night. In addition, there is an extensive city patrol and overall guard presence. The palace within the walls also has its own guard.


Winthrop Academy of the Magical Arts and Sciences.
Winthrop Palace.
  There is an extensive sewer system beneath winthrop, as well as fortified mines that are still in use to this day.


Winthrop first started as a humble mining town, its residents mostly families of the miners. They mined primarily shale, but over time discovered silver and gemstones, stripping away the surface in order to reach the ore deposits beneath. As time went on and the land kept providing, the small town slowly began to expand. With more residents, they eventually discovered that some of the materials seemed to have magical properties. With some rudimentary research, it was speculated that the mine laid parallel to a magical ley line. Soon, research was being done on the magical materials- discovering their properties, stability, and uses.

It wasn't long after that news of the town spread, and the population boomed. The name was quickly changed, infrastructure developed seemingly overnight with the intention of creating a new city to act as a magical hub. The now-city and the region around it declared their independence and announced Winthrop their new capital.
"Through magic, innovation."

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