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When Ravens Cried

  It was a flock. Dozens and dozens of little silver ravens, their metal feathers gleaming whenever they raced by a source of light.
  They flew high, near the ceiling, the only sound of their passings, a gentle thwiip. Thwip. Thwiip.     They also flew incredibly fast.     So fast they seemed to be a river of blurs had anyone looked up.     Not until they had to dive down through the archways to enter the Grand Hub of portals were they spotted.
But by then, it was too late.     The stream of blurs split into many threads, each leading to a portal.     For one spectacular moment the portals seemed to burst with color as they blinked with each passing of a bird.     And then, it was over. The portals once again sat still and ready. They birds were gone.

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best

Deep within The Grand Archives, Thimys Fairchild, curently The Librarian, led his scribes in the last of their preparations.   Wordly efforts carried out in the world combined with the scribes' efforts there in the Grand Archives had delayed and confounded the L'Ahnz for over one hundred years.   Their last best hope had been that in-fighting would break up the L'ahnz and delay their plans yet again.   Unfortunately, the L'Ahnz managed to take care of the inner turmoil with a few strategic murders.   With no other means left to stop it, Thimys Fairchild decided it was time to put their faith in their last desperate plan.
As discreetly as he could, he started sending his scribes out of the Grand Archives and back into the world.   The scribes did not go just anywhere but to homes and businesses that had been prepared for this most dire plan.   Having them discreetly leave in twos and threes into a variety of portals, Fairchild managed to get them all out within four days safely unnoticed.   He sent his grandson, Fawkes, next. The sixteen year old left with his two dogs. As a frequent user of the portals and still a boy, not one Conductor bothered to notice his comings and goings.

Have Faith

Once everyone was safely back upon the world, it was time to carry out the last step only he could do. To the public, he was the Librarian.     Secretly, he was the leader of the mysterious Brethren. a secret order dedicated to stopping the L'Ahnz. They were also members of group of monks, the Acolytes of Boki who were dedicated to fighting against fell magics and demons.     There were more Brethren beyond those who served as scribes in the Grand Archives. Many more, in fact, and they needed to know that their most desperate plan had begun.   Whether it succeeded or failed, the world would be changed and all the Brethren needed to prepare for the aftermath.
Fairchild walked deep into the Vaults, the deepest part of the Grand Archives, to a small reading room that had not been used in years.   With just a touch from his hand, a bookcases moved aside, revealing a man-sized cage door. Fluttering about the room inside was a great flock of little silver ravens.   Opening that cage door and releasing those birds would start something he could not stop. Taking a deep breath, Fairchild drew upon his faith in Boki, the goddess of secrets.   A calming warmth settled through him and a small smile tugged at his lips. One more breath, and he opened the door.
Jisuf Echoberg looked up as the bell above the door of his Writing Shop jangled.   The door swung open without anyone stepping in.   He raised a brow and was about to look with magesight when a blur flashed in through the door.   The blur slowed then landed on his counter with a soft metallic jingle.   A little bird stood there, looking at him.   The silver raven puffed up its chest and let out a cry ... of words!
"The time has come!" The silver raven cried. It hopped closer. "The time has come!" It repeated once then twice. After the third cry, it struck a quiet, restful pose and went still, looking like it had gone to sleep.   For a long moment Jisuf stared at the raven, the blood draining from his face. So much for his plans for the day. The time had come. He had to prepare!  
* * * * *
  All across the world little silver ravens cried out their message and The Brethren secretly prepared for the The End Of Instant.

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