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Twisted Tam

Shyri walked into the Twisted Tams, determination squaring her shoulders and the weight of the coinage in her pouch making her very aware of those within the seedy tavern.   Her lovely overskirt slit for riding hid the fact that she wore knickers; frilled short pants that reached just above the knees. Long stockings covered the rest of her legs that were mostly unseen inside her long button-up boots with inch-high heels.   The knickers gave her full range of motion with no fear of losing her dignity even if she were to go upside-down. She could give a terrible surprise to anyone thinking she was an easy mark.   Part of her wished they would. She could do with making someone bleed right now.
No one bothered her as she made her way to the corner nearest the backdoor, much to the disappointment of her reckless side.     Her sensible side felt relieved and was in full command when she stopped before the table in the corner.     One man sat at the table, while two others leaned against the wall on either side of him, a clear sign he was a leader. "Spur, I presume?"     "You presume rightly." He straightened up from leaning over his pint. "What can I do for you, my dear?"   Shyri raised a brow. He sounds almost cultured. A cut above the typical thief?
"I would like to barter for protection from the Hand."       "That's a mighty pricey thing you want."       "I have plenty to offer" She jingled her coin purse.       "Oh, for something like that, it's going to cost you more than coins, my dear." He waved to the seat across the table from him. "Have a seat and let's ... haggle a bit, shall we?"       She smiled at him then sat on the chair. Surreptitiously taking a deep breath, she eased it out. This was her best chance to save her brother and she dare not fail.

A Seedy Tavern

  The Twisted Tam is not just a seedy tavern, its the seediest tavern in the town of Honey Port. Its hodgepodge of slapped together cheap furniture warns of a place used to things being broken in regular brawls. The drinks are cheap and watered-down, especially the rum.   The Twisted Tam is just a place for drinking .... and brawling when folks had too much. No food is ever served while music or dancing are for special occasions only!

The Real Business

  The Twisted Tam is a place The Silvers call home. Their hideout is in the cellar which goes deeper and wider than it should, providing plenty of room for The Silvers to hideout in.   Secrets can be bought and sold in the tavern, as well as the purchasing of other services. Every deal made in the Twisted Tams comes with strings only the most foolhardy and desperate ignore or the naive never notice until its too late.

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I like the story in the beginning which draws me into the world. As well as the line about it only being a place for drinking and brawling when they've drank too much.

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