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Glory Bee

Away past the morning amidst the cloud cover,¬†   The strangest of music sounds over and over.   The words, set deep, in a low rumbling tune,   Trembles your bones like the knocking of doom.   Hear it and kneel. Say "praise unto thee"   And you shall be blessed by the great Glory Bee.

Humming From The Clouds

  Glory Bees are bees the size of men. They scout the skies in pairs or trios, looking for the right clouds. When they find one, it does not take long for more Glory Bees to arrive. Their numbers set the clouds to humming. The more Glory Bees there are in a cloud, the greater the sound. If there are enough of them, the sound carries down to the ground and is so strong, the humming echoes into ones very bones.   For ages the humming from the clouds has been taken as an omen from the gods, and the few who have managed to see the great Glory Bees flying in them have considered it a blessing.  

What is a Glory Bee?

  Glory Bees are like most bees but much, much bigger. They are also pure white and covered in shimmering white fur that, along with the heat of the sun, keeps them warm in the colder air found up in the clouds.   Also like other bees, Glory Bees collect nectar for honey, but most flowers are too insignificant to bees of their size. This begs the question: where do they get their nectar?  

The Papple Trees

  Long ago, there was the Hrokentorm Empire that once ruled the world from great cities upon the clouds. Little is known of them, other than that they were giants that suddenly vanished from the world. So did all their great cities.   But, not all of Hrokentorm had been a great city. There had been cloud villages for farming and some still exist even now, though their giant denizens are long gone. These farms drift along unseen¬† upon their perpetual clouds that are carried upon the winds.   On these remnants of Hrokentorm grow papple trees. Huge, towering trees that bloom throughout the year. Only when they are pollinated by the Glory Bees do the flowers wither and die, their pale yellow petals falling away. Once the flower is gone, a papple fruit begins to grow to the size of a pumpkin. This great fruit ripens to a greenish yellow and is like a very juicy apple with the mellow sweetness of a pear.  

The Brandy

  Chirkin, a race of bat-winged small folk, make daring flights into the clouds to harvest the papples. They risk being eaten by griffons for the perfect brandy fruit. It is from these Chirkin that others know of the Glory Bees. As for the precious fruit, no one believes such great fruit exists. Perhaps if the Chirkin were to share their daring harvests others would believe in the papple fruits. What people do believe in is the brandy the Chirkin make.   Every papple brandy bottle has on it a white bee. Every tongue that has ever tasted it sings its praises with the best known toast in all the world, "Glory Bee!"


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Journeyman N4th
James Slaven
11 Jun, 2021 11:29

This is awesome! I like the play on words at the end, and how the bees are tied into the history and culture of the land. I'm wondering: "where do the bees live? Is there a massive beehive for glory bees?" Great work!

11 Jun, 2021 20:45

Thanx for the luv for this older article. I had so much fun writing it.

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12 Jun, 2021 20:05

Giant white bees! :O I love them! I love the poem/song at the beginning, too. The worldbuilding in the article is really fun. I want to read about papple trees now. :D

12 Jun, 2021 21:10

Thanx! .... ooo if there is a tree prompt in summer camp ...

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1 Jul, 2021 20:47

The glory bees sound like an amazing species. I imagine some remote place where there are giant flowers where the glory bees come from.

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1 Jul, 2021 22:27

Only the bees know where they come from ... maybe lol

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