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The Order of Defenders of the Hammer, House of Anetier, in Arreton

The Order of Defenders of the Hammer, House of Anetier, in Arreton, commonly known as the Royal Knights, is a noble institution founded as a military society approximately a century passed in Arreton, Femunadi province, of Fortunado. It was formed to protect the people from banditry and religious zealotry. Its members have also been known as the Axe Knights and the Stallions, having a small, pledged military membership, serving as a defending military order for the protection of the people.  


The knights wear green surcoats with one gold chevron, granted by Duke Aesclas in the year 1157. The coat of arms is an oval field with a hammer charge, with a black horse and a white as supporters. The field also has a wreathed and crowned helm atop it. The cavalier wears this with a hammer cadence in the upper half, on the sinister side. Their commanders have a coronet cadence within the charge. Bannerets have a horse cadence, Companions have an axe cadence, Bachelors have a shield cadence, and Squires wear the charge on the oval field, alone.   Donning heavy armor consisting of a great helm, gorget, cuirass with light gambeson beneath, pauldrons, rerebrace, couter, and vambrace, steel mittens, tasseted belts, hose and padded chausses, leather boots, and greaves with poleyns affixed. Occasionally with sabatons attached. Commonly carrying boss gripped, steel plated wood, kite shields.   Common weapons of these knights are of the axe and anti-armor lines. Hand axes, throwing axes, dane axes, bearded axes, and picks are all common primary weapons. With man catchers, caltrops, war bows, and jointed weapons such as flails and morning stars used to fight enemy knights. Secondary weapons are usually daggers, knives, short swords, and sickles.   Each knight has at least three horses. The war horse, used only in combat, the travel horse for day to day, and the pack horse to carry their personal equipment.


This knightly Order is led by the Cavalier of Fortunado, the Grand Duke. It has four Battalions led by Commanders, each a Duke, having two Banners beneath them led by Bannerets, each a Baron. Further having three Companies each, led by Companions, each a Lord. All having ten Platoons led by Bachelors, each a Gentleman. Made up of four Squads led by Squires, all unlanded. All of whom are titled gentry from noble families. Each Squad consists of either eight axemen or twenty bowmen. Each platoon has a single unit type.   After the Grand Duke there are four Dukes, eight Barons, twenty-four Lords, two hundred and forty Gentlemen, and nine hundred and sixty Unlanded leading this organization. They represent the two hundred seventy seven families that comprise the gentry across Fortunado.

Public Agenda

The safety of the citizenry is paramount. Without them there is no Dukedom. Their defense from all threats, both foreign and domestic, is the duty of all the gentry.


Their property is extensive, for they are all landed gentry. Beyond their estates they have horses, armor, weapons, and servants. Most of their wealth is in land and property. The order owns a fleet of covered wagons and mules to pull them. They carry their arms and armor in those wagons, along with siege equipment. Battering rams, trebuchet, ballista, belfries, and sapping picks and shovels fill their offensive stores. Each knight owns his own horses, hounds, hawks, or falcons for hunting. They operate out of a tower in Fortun City and pay rent to the Grand Council, but there are barracks and armories across the realm.


The first knights in this order were the land holders of Arreton, a major trade center. They were the personal guard to the Summoner Clan "Hammer of Aefrus," and fought in the summoner wars. After their service was done they returned home to find the land in turmoil. Through the strength of arms they brought peace to their homes once again. From this base they spread out to bring an end to all conflict and allow for future generations to know peace. After conquering Fortun City, for its economic and military importance, it became their headquarters.


At age 14, pages leave the royal and noble courts for the Ducal University in Adigra to study administration, law, and war. They learn from knights of the Order how to serve and protect. Among their many lessons are combat and formation tactics, military strategy, dueling, armed and armored combat, horsemanship, the basics of hunting and wilderness survival, statecraft, stewardship, heraldry, genealogy, military and ecclesiastical history, writing poetry, and the care and maintenance of armor and weapons.   They join teams of squad or platoon size and compete in melee, jousting, archery, hunting, poetry, and mock trials as legal advocates. Husbandry is taught within the teams, they tend to horses, hounds, hawks, and falcons. Literature is just as important as dueling.   After having proven himself capable, no earlier than age 21, he graduates from university. He is knighted and swears allegiance to the Arch Duke as part of the graduation ceremony. Upon being knighted he is given a sword and spurs, representing his rank of bachelor knight, and is allowed to wear the appropriate cadence in the charge. He will then serve at a castle or manor as an axe, hunt, gate, and horse master for no less than one year each. During which time they will learn, through hands on experience, how to run an estate. Once this service is completed those who are first born sons will return home to serve their fathers as heir to his title and holdings. They will be granted a portion of the family estates to manage on their own. Second born sons, and further, also get an estate to manage but cannot become Companion knights, unless they move up the familial line of inheritance. Their rank within the order is directly connected to their land and holdings. It is at Companion Knight level that they can officially enter the College of Knights.

To rule the land, you must protect the land.

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Founding Date
Military, Knightly Order
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Axe Knights, Stallions
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Royal Knights
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