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Commonly called the inquisition, the Church of the Great Mother ferreted out any and all who could stitch patches and forced them to join. Or die a horrible and public death. Many who opposed the church were also rooted out and accused, for political reasons.

The Conflict


With the gathering of power by the newly founded church all those who stitched patches without their permission were deemed wicked outlaws, and their stitching was called witching.


Fear and hatred toward witches develops across the land. Innocents are accused of wickedly stitching (witching) whenever any bad luck befalls an area, they are burned or drowned to cleanse the land.


Unsanctioned wicked stitchers had to go underground and band together to survive. Eventually creating the Ban Fellowship, they called themselves Sartrix to separateĀ themselves from the idea of witching.

Historical Significance


Witching still has a stigma in the more religious sections of the world.

Technological Advancement

Witches started to use the way point system called Gillespies gates to evade the inquisition.   They used Gillespies theories of traveling to astral project and coalesce a defense against the church. Developed the psychic blast through mental evocation, for self defense.   Finally, they developed concealing patches to hide their identities.   The church learned to share their relics amongst their ranks with the discovery of the invocation. So more than one could use the same relic.   They added elemental forces to their patches for greater effect, and started calling them prayers.   Divination expanded to include seeing through illusions.
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Year 1162 of the 7th Age
Ending Date
Year 1180 of the 7th Age
Conflict Result
Unsanctioned wicked stitching was outlawed, those outlaws were declared witches and went into hiding across the land.


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