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Deus Flagelado

Tyr (Pronuncia-se : TiR),também conhecido como Deus Flagelado era um deus bom e leal sendo uma divindade maior da lei e da justiça e membro da Tríade. His dogma was primarily concerned with the punishment of wrong-doers, and the general furthering of law and good in the world. Not coincidentally, these values are among those held by most paladins, many of whom were more than likely to follow The Triad, as the patron of paladins Torm is one-third of the coalition.   Em 1385 DR, logo após a praga mágica, Tyr abdicou de sua divindade e deu a Torm todos seus poderes divinos pois havia perdido a fé em si mesmo e sua habilidade para guiar e julgar. Tyr aconselhou todos seus seguidores a oferecer sua fé e lealdade a Torm. Os dominios de Tyr com relação a justiça foram absorvidos por Bahamut, quem depois se tornou subservente a Torm.   Death At some point between 1385 DR and 1479 DR, Tyr died fighting off a demonic invasion of the upper realms. Tyr was still being venerated in secret after his death in his ancient aspect as Iltyr by Waterdhavian and Cormyrian nobles. Iltyr was depicted as an entirely black, weeping eyeball with a prehensile tail. Iltyr’s hidden shrines however depicted one or a pair of large but normal staring eyes, which his followers often dismissed to visitors as the only surviving portrait of an ancestor. Resurrection Tyr managed to return to life during the event known as the Second Sundering, in the 1480s DR.   Seguidores   The highly organized church of Tyr was strong in the more civilized lands of the Realms. They were known for never refusing service or aid to the faithful when they were in distress.14 To keep Tyr’s favor, one must respect fallen enemies, never make sacrifice of a corpse, and keep one’s alignment lawful good. Tyr considered slaying agents of evil to be honorable and worthy of the highest praise.

Divine Domains

Justiça, Lei e Ordem.

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