St. Lawrence Compact

The St Lawrence Compact was a minor polity formed in the early 26th century after the collapse of the The Terran Empire  


The St Lawrence Compact was formed after the collapse of the Terran Empire. Lord Decius Collingwood was granted the Compact as his reward for his betrayal of the Terran Navy at Vanheim.   Lord Collingwood had initially intended to form a democratically elected parliament and a liberal democracy. However, due to his reputation as a traitor and local resistance, this never really happened.  

Member States


The Fall of House Collingwood

In 2504 the Home-Steaders executed a bloody one day coup which climaxes with the shocking execution of every last person they can find with Collingwood blood, including Ilhan Collingwood who was just four years old. The new Home-Steader government formally dissolves the St Lawrence Compact but the Karkouri Regime makes it clear that this will not be tolerated.   House Collingwood were effectively made extinct by this.

The Home-Steaders

The Home-Steaders, a radical seperatist political movement, then began a brutal reign of terror on the planet going after long-time political opponents and rounding up enemies and executing them. The Home-Steaders faced disorganized military resistance from lots of different factions across the planet and the Home-Steaders were never really able to exert control outside of the capital.   None the less, during their short reign, more than 200,000 people were killed.


In 2507 Major PMC corporation VAIL are deployed to St Lawrence, officially invited by the St Lawrence Compact puppet government to restore order. A massive PMC force, backed by Salborians deployed on "secondment" and more than 100,000 Dhau mercenaries land and defeat the Home-Steaders and the other forces in a six month campaign. VAIL restore order and put a new puppet government in power on the planet  

The New Compact

After the 2507 intervention by VAIL, the St Lawrence Compact was put under the control of Administrator Jace Buckingham, a former Recon Marine and the founder and CEO of VAIL. There was a long period of a military dictatorship before the Compact moved to a centrally elected governor and legislature, though the member worlds of Fort Darwin and Van Diemen's World were essentially served as vassals to the central government on St Lawrence.   Sycamore, however, was essentially allowed to be an independent world.  

The Furnace Crisis

In 2504, the world of Furnace saw a bloodless coup and Lord Kentan Sondeheim was returned to power. He later announced that Furnace would join the Republic.   The Compact, officially a protectorate of the Karkouri Regime, called for support and the Karkouri put a blockade in place and landed a Salborian force on the planet, though this never quite ended up as a formal siege.   The siege eventually came to an end after Lord Sondeheim surrendered to the Compact. Furnace was allowed to remain independent but had formally left the Republic.   The feared war between the Compact and the Republic never actually happened.  

The End of the Compact

The St Lawrence Compact folded in 2522 after being called on to surrender by some of the worlds within the Free Worlds Pact. Rather than risk Terran on Terran violence, the SLC leadership agreed to surrender the SLC worlds to the Free Worlds Pact   As a part of the agreement that saw the SLC fold, they were granted full immunity by all the worlds within the Free Worlds Pact.

2499 - 2522

Predecessor Organization

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