Matildah "Tilly" Valane

Mathildah "Tilly" Valane-Sawyer was a lawyer and political figure in the 24th century and a member of House Valane  

Early Life

  Matildah “Tilly” Valane-Sawyer (later known as Tilly Valane-Warwick) was born in June 2335. Due to her mother’s working commitments Tilly and her brother Forrest were educated at a prestigious boarding school. During her school years Tilly was a bright and sporty girl who had ambitions of becoming a teacher. Tilly studied in Vienna and graduated with her BA in Liberal Arts and Political Science in 2353 before moving to study at Yale, graduating in 2355 with her JD.  

Charitable Work

After her education finished Tilly took a job with the Children of Ares charity based on Mars, her work primarily focused on raising money to build housing. Tilly was appointed as Communications Director for her mother as a crash-course into politics.   In 2360 Tilly met (future Admiral) Benson Warwick and the two married within a few months. They welcomed their son Benson Jr in December 2360, and their daughter Ivy in November 2363. Tilly and Benson adopted their daughter Tassavir in 2369.  

Governor of New Carthage

Tilly was elected Governor of New Carthage in 2365 and was watched closely as others on the political scene considered her a rising star.   In 2370 Tilly broke away from Earth Guard and became the founding member of the Foundation party – considered the most conservative party on the political scene at the time. She was appointed as Attorney General of the Federated States in 2370 during the Axxelson administration and her primary focus was cracking down on the Black Dragon Yakuza. In 2375 President Axxelson appointed Tilly as Director of FSI – making her the youngest person to ever hold the office. The priorities regarding clamping down on the BDY changed and they were invited into a deal to help track down the rebel Pirate Queen which took the spotlight, along with plans against the Karkouri.  

Presidential Aspirations

In 2380 Tilly ran for the presidency of the Federated States as the Earth Guard nominee, her campaign was focused on an increase in educational spending, a tax cut for the corporations, an increase in military funding, and a move to devolve more power to individual planetary governors. She was very narrowly defeated in her run for the presidency.  

The Coups of 2380 and 2387

The coup of 2380 saw Tilly named as a senior member of the Executive Council under the Junta after they seized power.   In 2387 Tilly was a primary leader of the Imperial Coup and for her troubles was granted the title of Grand Duchess as well as the hereditary governorship of Mars. Tilly was instrumental in the ascension of Emperor August Solarin and united the two founding Dynasties of The Empire with an arranged marriage between the Heirs to both Houses – Isaac Solarin and Ivy Valane.   In 2390 Tilly was appointed as Minister of Communications, in part due to her previous experience and reputation as Director of FSI. Tilly kept this post until she was kidnapped in 2405 by marine forces working on the orders of Lord Hawthorne and was forced to retire from public life after her release. During her time as Minister of Communications she uncovered a handful of significant plots against the Emperor and his family and organised various operations against the Black Dragon Yakuza.   Tilly died in 2410 after a short period of illness aged 75.
2335 2410 75 years old
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