The Jaradino are a species native to Propsero  


Diminutive humanoids, the Jaradino stand at an average height of around 4'6-5'0 tall and are slightly built, with an average weight of around 95 pounds.  Jaradino have slender limbs, furry legs and cloven feet.   Male jaradino have horns, ranging in length from an inch to five or six inches.  These are considered to be a feature of prestige and "manliness".  Jaradino males also grow fur on the lower-side of their faces, ain to human facial hair.   Jaradino females do not have horns or grow facial fur but their "mane" grows on average a lot longer.   Jaradino have a slightly faster than human metabolism reaching maturity around the age of twelve or thirteen and with an average life-span of around sixty to seventy years, though there have been examples of Jaradino living up to one-hundred years.   Jaradino DNA shows signs of mild alteration which has been attributed to the influence of the Taur'lier.    

Early History

The Jaradino were a hunter-gatherer society before they evolved into a race of farmers and herders, much like the humans on Earth.  Jaradino are, on average, less warlike than humans and many Jaradino are vegetarian, though consumption of prey animals and live-stock does occur in some societies.   The Jaradino gradually began to form "city-states", which became the primary cultural unit on the planet.  The Jaradino formed larger states over time, more often than not through diplomacy rather than warfare.

Contact -the Prospero Mission

With the decision in 2400 to divide the former Taur'lier Empire between the The Terran Empire . the Dhau Empire and the Gannid Commonwealth, the world of Prospero was designated as part of the Terran Empire.   The world was known to be inhabited by a sentient race, the Jaradino, who were in a technological equivalent to the Terran 18th or 19th century.  An observation post was established, under the watch of a scientific mission and also including members of the intelligence community.   In the year 2415, the Terran Empire decided it was time to initiate first contact with the JAradino, with the long term aim of uplifting them as citizens of the Empire.  There was intense debate as to the wisdom of this endeavour but it was decided to begin the process.   Lord Templeton led an expedition to Prospero which initiated first contact with the Jaradino.  Whilst the initial contact was peaceful, the reaction from some of the planets city-states, especially the more warlike ones such as Usqan, saw many of the city-states mobilize for war.   There was also a shocking incident as marines on the security detail lost track of a rail-gun which was later found in the hands of agents of Usqan.  A corporate agent also went rogue, attempting to craft trade deals with the natives themselves.   There was a Council inquiry into the Prospero mission, headed up by Lord MCQaid.  Whilst mistakes were acknowledged, it was felt that the first contact mission had been a success.


The slow process of Uplifting the Jaradino began in 2519, delayed after further corporate interference in the planet.  The Imperial Navy added many ships to the existing blocking force above the planet.   The uplift process was made the responsibility of the Lord-Chamberlain and successive Lords Chamberlain   By 2432 the process was fully underway with Jaradino scientists being brought up to the Prospero station for training whilst the various planetary governments argued and bickered over how the planet would be governed in the future.   There was considerable resistance from Usqan after they felt that Qantenn had become the "favored" subject of the Terran Empire.  To encourage Usqan to integreate, Qantenn was given considerable technology including hydrogen powered vehicles to show the upside of cooperation.   In 2453 there was the so called "Winter Coup" which saw a group of younger officers took control of the government and instituted reforms and a subsequent purge of the old-guard officers. This led to a short civil war which saw the new regime take control of the military state.   Some suspected that Qantenn had a hand in this coup   In 2460 the  “Committee For Planetary Governance” (CPG) was established.  It was initially made up of 19 members and presented recommendations in 2465 regarding the phasing out of the old governments and the creation of a supra-national one, which is expected to take at least 10-15 years   The progress of the uplift stalled in 2470, with resistance from many different sectors and political factions on the planet.  The call to install the Imperial Civil Service to take charge was resisted.   In the year 2476, the full technological uplift was completed after a ship with a largely Jaradino crew completed an FTL jump.  The planet's council handed over power formally to its new Colonial Legislature in 2477.

Citizens of the Empire

In the year 2488, Prospero granted the seat of Lord-Governor of the planet to retired General Gosmay, after the recommendation of Lord-Chamberlain Sondeheim.  Lord Gosmay eventually took his seat in the Imperial Council and was seen as a conservative, though his level of power on Prospero was often disputed by the planetary council.   With this, Jaradino held all the same rights as duties as other Imperial citizens, though Jaradino were exempted from being drafted into military service.   A volunteer regiment, the 338th Ranger Regiment, was formed on Prospero with Jaradino making up 95% of its membership.  Its first three Colonels were both Terrans.   Very few Jaradino traveled off-world at first, fearing the huge cultural differences between their home-world and the rest of the Empire

Annexation by the Dhau Empire

With the collapse of the Terran Empire in 2497, the former "Frontier" worlds fell to the Dhau Empire who swept up Prospero, Skerrit's World and Vodhyna.    The Jaradino were formally inducted as citizens of the Dhau Empire, though in real terms they were confined to their home-world, with Jaradino living off-world essentially forced to remain where they were.   Around 600 Jaradino were living off-world at the time of the fall and remained in Terran space.
65 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
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