Fort Pitcairn

Fort Pitcairn was a minor Terran worlds first colonized in the early 25th century  


On the Western edge of Terran space, Fort Pitcairn was long considered a viable colony prospect and was first scouted in 2122.  It was even briefly considered for colonization in the early 2230's but this plan was abandoned after the Terran Civil War.   Fort Pitcairn orbits the sun Tau-Vardis, a blue giant sun.  Fort Pitcairn is the sixth planet in the star-system but the only one that is viable as a colony.   The planet has shown signs that it may have been terra-formed by the Taur'lier


Fort Pitcairn has a moderate temperature with longer seasons that Earth but that are roughly comparable in terms of the effect on the planets temperatures.  Fort Pitcairn is smaller than Earth so experiences a new "solar-day" every sixteen hours.   Fort Pitcairn experiences high temperatures of 40 plus degrees during the height of summer at the equator and lows of minus 40 degrees during the depth of winter.  

Flora and Fauna

Fort Pitcairn's eco-system is relatively young and very few complex life-forms have emerged.  The most successful animals to emerge on the planet as natives are generally large four legged lizards that superficially resemble Earth dinosaurs, though their size ranges from around twelve inches in length to around four or five metres and they certainly aren't the massive lizards of the ancient Earth.   Fort Pitcairn is home to many extremely hardy plants, many of which resemble Earth cactus.  There are also a wide array of deadly poisons to be found in some of the exotic plants on Fort Pitcairn   The planet has a single ocean which is home to teeming fishes, octopi, squids and whale-like animals.


Fort Pitcairn was first colonized in 2404 after the historic peace talks between the rebel "Committee to Restore Democracy" and Emperor August Solarin I . He agreed to allow them to settle the world as part of the Empire and to be allowed to elect their own governor, if they wished to.


As of 2520, Fort Pitcairn is home to 7,250,000 people:  
  • 6,750,000 humans
  • 500,000 Indirians
  • 1,100 AIs
  • 600 other aliens
Government Fort Pitcairn was founded with a strong democratic tradition and was for a very long time during the days of the The Terran Empire the only world to elect its governor.    Fort Pitcairn has a full constitution which sets out the powers, duties and responsibilities of the government.  Amending the constitution requires agreement of the Legislature, the Governor and a referendum of the people of the planet.   The planet is governed by an elected legislature who served eight year terms (and are elected in two blocs so that only 50% of the legislature is up for election at one time).  The Governor of Fort Pitcairn is also elected and serves a ten year term, though the legislature can launch a "recall election".   The legislature is very strongly empowered and it is probably one of the most powerful legislatures (compared to the governor) in Terran space.   Fort Pitcairn was a founder member of the The Terran Republic   

Major Places



The first major settlement, Rustport got its name from the low quality metals that were used to set up the first buildings and shelters.  Rustport grew up to a small city of around one million people and is generally considered to be the most important city on the planet.   Rustport is now a very modern city with an excellent healthcare system and education system, with free at the point of use education available to all.   Rustport has sometimes had a high crime rate due to the dense urban environment and the reach of the Black Dragon Yakuza.  The Rustport Police Department wage a never ending campaign to keep them from digging in.   Rustport is home to a major college, Hannover College, which is considered the best college on the planet.

New Athens

The planet's official capital and home to the governor's quarters and the government quarter.  New Athens was a carefully planned city and has never expanded beyond its initial brief and is home to around half a million people, many of whom either work in government or in the legal system.   New Athens is famous for its beautifully planned city-scape, its clean white stone buildings, the sprawling Spirit of 87 Park and its very high house prices   New Athens is home to a large number of excellent schools and is home to the small but highly prestigious Rainwood Government School   Port Holland Initially established as a new township to pick up new colonists and population growth from Rustport, Port Holland was planned to look out for the poorer and more needy people on Fort Pitcairn.   The Port Holland housing projects are well known for its crime-rate and poverty, though the planet's government does have many programs attempting to help the people of the "Projects" to get out of poverty.   The Port Holland Police Department is generally well funded and there is a strong emphasis on community outreach.

Scarlett's Township

Scarlett's Township grew up in the shadow of Mount Hazelwood, Scarlett's Township is home to around 250,000 people and is primarily an agricultural base, with lots of ranchers and hydroponics bases that provide a lot of the planet's food.   Scarlett's Township is home to hardy, independent and often very environmentally conscious people

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