Eden is a Terran world  


Eden is located in the Ross 245 system. Eden is the fourth planet in a mid-stage yellow star system. It is the only inhabitable planet in the system.  


Eden has an earth-like temperature and climate and was considered a very good prospect for initial colonization. Eden enjoys four Earth-like seasons and has around 65% of the planet is covered in oceans or seas   Eden has considerable mineral wealth, largely located in the eastern continent and in the deep oceans.


Eden was first colonized in 2085 in a joint effort between the Federation and several major corporations, with West-Corp and Sun-Star the largest partners.   Eden's initial colonists set up at the Wyndham Heights landing-zone but the colonists came to grief after a snow-storm left them with no food and little power.   The second colony set up at Point Debeskey was able to survive and became the site of Jefferson City, Eden's capital  


As of 2545, Eden is home to 750,490,000 people.
  • 710,490,000 humans
  • 40,000,000 Indirians
  • 3,750 other aliens
  • 4,500 AIs


Eden was initially led by a legislature elected by the population along with a governor appointed by the Federation. In the year 2190, Eden was allowed to elect its own governor for the first time.   During the The Terran Empire Eden was the fiefdom of House Swofford.   After the collapse of the Terran Empire, Eden was part of the Hassall League and was under Karkouri occupation. After the Karkouri surrender, Eden was under Tazzyn garrison until 2544  

Electoral Politics

Generally speaking, Eden's population have been moderates favoring parties with a broad-base of support.  

House Swofford

House Swofford, natives to Eden, were granted the fiefdom of Eden during the time of the Terran Empire. After the collapse of the Empire the Swoffords were exiles on Earth and planned to retake the planet.   In 2544 House Swofford was invited to reassert its lordship over the planet and granted the title of Margrave of Eden.  

Major Places

Jefferson City

Jefferson City was the site of the 2nd landing site on Eden and the capital of the planet. A somewhat haphazardly planned city, Jefferson City extends out from the original landing site and borders the downport as well as the Peake Hills conurbation.   Jefferson City has a population of around fifteen million and is, in places in the mid-town, very crowded. However out in th suburbs things get a lot less crowded. Jefferson City is home to a mix of all classes and cultures   Jefferson City is home to the Government district and the governor's mansion.   Jefferson City is also home to two major colleges   The Jefferson City Lions airball team plays in Jefferson City and are a highly regarded team.  

Peake Hills

The Peake Hills conurb was created to give people who worked in or near Jefferson City somewhere cheap to live as well as offering more room for families.   Peake Hills was closely planned from the start and expanded out in all directions. As of 2540, it is home to nearly nine million people who largely live in two story homes and have a decent sized garden.   Peake Hills has basic amenities but is generally considered a bit of a "dormitory town"

Silver Springs

Silver Springs was established on the coastline and is a major city, considered by many to be far nicer than Jefferson City. Silver Springs is home to around twelve million people and due to the huge area it encompasses there is very little overcrowding.   Silver Springs has a slightly more blue-collar population that Jefferson City.   Silver Springs occasionally has issues with organized crime with local gangs and the Black Dragon Yakuza.   Silver Springs is home to the Silver Springs Colts airball team. They are considered to be a very good team and attract a fanatical following from the city's working class population.

Oriental City

Established in 2290, Oriental City was built by VENTRISS UDC and West-Corp in a rare show of cooperation. This corporate town was considered by many to be somewhat soul-less but it was extremely well planned out and has a clean, modern look.   Oriental City is home to six million people and land and houses are cheap in the city.   Oriental City has a higher than average crime rate in part due to the underfunded OCPD and in part due to the corporate enforced areas not being subject to OCPD jurisdiction.   Oriental City is home to a major college, Danvers Business College.   Oriental City is also the home to Oriental City Daggers, a team that was persuaded to move there from Colby City.


Makae is a mining settlement that grew into a major city. Makae is cut into the rocks of the Morston Mountain range and is often one of the colder cities and is snowed in at least twice a year.   Makae is home to around five million people, many of whom are miners or involved laterally in the mining trade. Due to the blue-collar population, Makae is often considered less cultured than other cities but the people of Makae regard themselves as hardier and tougher than others on Eden.   Makae has a reasonably high crime rate due in large part to the entrenched presence of the Black Dragon Yakuza, though an uneasy peace has been kept between the Makae sheriff's department and the Yakuza   Makae is home to the Makae Bulldogs airball team, which is generally not very well funded but still draws a lot of fans.

Colby City

Colby City was, for a while, Eden's second city and is still considered the planet's cultural hub. Centrally planned at first, Colby's smooth grid system breaks down when you reach "New-Town", the sprawling, disorganized conurb around the north of the city.   Colby City is home to around seven million people with many of them working in or around the planet's second downport.   Colby City has a lot of museums, art galleries and theatres. Colby City has a long tradition of stand up comedy, improv and street theatre. A number of top actors and comedians cut their teeth in Colby City.   Colby City has a rich tradition of progressive politics and is considered the bastion of left-wing politics on Eden.   Colby City is also home to Twivham Stage School, often thought to be one of the best stage schools in all of Terran space.   Colby City is home to Brinkmayer College, which has an excellent law school and journalism school   The Colby City Saints airball team plays out of Colby City and are considered to be a reliable, sometimes excellent team.   The stadium that used to house the Colby City Daggers has laid vacant for years but is sometimes hired out by corporations or events.

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