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Zigrei, Bounty Hunter

Zigrei (a.k.a. The Undercuter)

"Sod it. We know his face. Zigrei can have him."
Imperial Watchman after losing a suspect.
  The cat-like Zigrei is one of the best Bounty-Hunter in the East of the Demon Empire, with about a hundred wanted names decorating his clean office. He is a feline Lega with very attractive body proportions that nonetheless hide his skills as a rogue.   Born the son of Lega slaves in Tal Shoth, a young Zigrei was lucky enough to be born a week after a new law was in effect. Thanks to the Second Velian Reforms, he didn't inherit the slave status of his parents, and could receive an education in the Capital's Citadel. His enthousiasm greatly helped against the predjudiced surroundings, as well as the fact Demons do not tolerate leaving potential assets untaped.   And so, despite a harsh welcome by the mostly Demon students, Zigrei displayed a great amount of combat skill and reached a journeyman's level in craftsmanship. He graduated without much trouble and his days in battle-school didn't difer much. After fighting for his name and becoming a full-fledged Imperial citizen at the age of fourteen, the young cat then chose to join caravan escorters to earn a living. His Legalese agility had attracted the eye of merchants and his status as "free son of slaves" was good publicity in those days.   After five years of monster-slaying and Marauder-killing, Zigrei determined that travelling was not for him. He returned to Tal Shoth with a few friends who helped established themselves as proper bounty hunters near the Slave District, where "the trouble presented less teeth." according to them.   Their experience with the harsh outdoors helped him and his partners weather the various gangs as well as get the occasionnal wanted criminal. It is said he was reunited with his parents at some points, but reports vary greatly on the matter. What is certain is that at twenty-four years old, Zigrei had earned a perfect reputation of nigh-perfect capture rate thanks to his numerous connections through IOUs and a little bit of seduction. His reach now covering the entirety of the Lower City, our non-Demon prodigy has bright days ahead of him. Testament to this is the luscious contract he received from a mysterious benefactor, urging him to Orathens.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Tal Shoth's Life-School and Battle-School.


Self-employed Bounty-Hunter catching criminals and runaway slaves for a fee. Manager of a network of informants and rookie bounty hunters groups.

Accomplishments & Achievements

At sixteen, Zigrei captured an entire gang of Marauders after tricking them into battling monsters until exhaustion. Defeated six Archdemons in Grudge Duels over bounties. Over 134 successful captures on bounties and contracts.

Failures & Embarrassments

Was once mistaken for a slave when handling business in Mako Marith. Had to battle the local police before he could show his credentials. Still not over it.

Mental Trauma

Didn't meet his parent until after returning from Caravan-Escorting. When he met them, they pushed him away because he "left them to rot while the Demons twisted his mind". (even though the parents themselves deposited him in the Citadel whent they heard he could live without being a slave). Very hard blow that pushed him to focus more on his bounties. Also inceased his tendency to visit brothels for stress-relief.

Intellectual Characteristics

Good Accountant. Decent weaver and smith. Excellent tracker. Good psychologist.


Never touches a slave's brand for fear the status might jump on him.

Personality Characteristics


Zigrei enjoys a hunt, especially ones made aftermaking use of his connections and instincts. He lives to jump outside like an actual cat who spotted a mice. He also enjoys the rewards that come from his hunts and expending it like there's no tomorrow.


Rilo Miandra, The Vile Violet

Bed-Friend (Trivial)

Towards Zigrei, Bounty Hunter



Zigrei, Bounty Hunter

Bed-Friend (Trivial)

Towards Rilo Miandra, The Vile Violet





Nicknames & Petnames

Miandra calls Zigrei "Ziggy~" Zigrei refers to her as "Hon"

Relationship Reasoning

The two of them are bonded not because they like each other, but because they are both sex-fiends. They don't judge each other and they have a good dynamic, but both their professions (bounty hunter and mercenary) prevent them from enjoying their time together.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Nuptial arts, seduction, dark humor about races, the fact that they do not drink.

Shared Acquaintances

Ar Vari.

Current Location
Year of Birth
538 AS 19 Years old
Yellow, squinty, almond shape.
Black and white, receeding with two braids surrounding the ears.
88 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Sorry little kitten, this furry fellow is on the winning side."
"Come ooooon. Imperials can't breed like us but they know how to party."
"I don't come cheap. I come fast though. Faster than anyone. Well... I've yet to pounce that swift red bastard but..."
Known Languages
Imperial, almost no knowledge of Feralese, was placed in Breeding Citadel without hearing his parents much.

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