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Feral Branding

In order to signify adulthood and bravery, a few specific Lega tribes of the Feral Isles employ their own body as works of arts. Their fur is shaved and scared in places to showcase various templates. To brand oneself thus is what true warriors do, according to the defenders behind this brutal ritual.


It is a very old practice for the Orbidian beast-men, inspired by The Old World practice of scarifaction. The males shave off their fur in certain patterns on their arms and legs and then proceed to carve scars into their bodies where the fur will never grow back again.The process is painful but is for some cultures an absolute to signify entry into adulthood and the readyness to go on the hunt among the isles. After a few years, beautiful tapestry surround the body of the volunteer.


Some tribes can go pretty far in the process, going as far as branding more than half of the body. The participant is laid on a rock covered with dried leaves to avoid infecting the wounds that will be opened. Then, the selected parts of the Lega's furry hide are shaven and cleaned so the skin can be seen below. Once the target area is cleared, a sharp flint is used to dig into the flesh and create scars according to tradition. The cut are short and close, and do not go to deep in order no to cut arteries. If the area is on the limbs, the process takes a far longer time given the large amount of blood that can result of the ritual. If on the abdomen or face, the process can take less than an hour. In the end, the volunteer is sent to recover for a few days and let the scars close properly.

Components and tools

Trimming equipment the likes of which a barber can use, and a cutting tool sharp and short like a scalpel to carve the body itself.


While women prepare the tools and ointments as well as the leaves and vestments, only male are allowed to touch and carve the participants. Veteran carvers brand the young male that is to receive his scars and shave.


Women and children are not allowed to observe the gruesome bloody events as per tradition. But the events happens during the day and at any time where experts are available. Usually, the volunteers ask for their Feral Branding during the summer when they are healthy and ready to bleed for the tribe.
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