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City of Contempt

An aged Imperial City-State located at the center of the Verdant Steppes, fed by a narrow river. It's prestige has somewhat fallen with multiple crises leading to the emigration of its original population. While the quality of its new occupants is up for debate it is nonetheless, in a way, flourishing again.   It is now governed by a new clan of Demons, the Rilo clan, of nefarious reputation and lazy attitude. They partake in black market trade, cooperate with marauders, help transit illegal slaves to unscrupulous masters, and many more dishonest dealings. The result the most corrupt city in the Empire. However, it is also the home of varied races of freed slaves. The pacifist belief of the Way of Acceptance has taken roots in the heart of certain districts, allowing some homesick Easternite to believe in something again, and share this spiritual boon with their Imperial neighbours from within their great Empire. Even in the worst of places one may find positives.


The most diversified city-state in the Empire. Actual statistic are hard to obtain due to the illegal goings and leavings of the population on a daily basis. The mortality and enslavement do not help.


Governed, a city council determines how to handle the regionnal affairs. In Ar Barak, the governor has even less power than in other city-states.

Guilds and Factions

Four large gangs vie for the city's control.


Known to be second city built by the Empire's First Sent, it was once the seat of power of a very influencial clan, the Ar Clan. It evolved diligently throughout the centuries, not suffering overly much from fiend incursions or internal wars. Half a century ago, natural catastrophes, administrative problems put the city in great turmoil. Tensions accumulated over decades, taxes being unpaid led to the city deteriorating in every aspects until the last representatives of the Ar Clan decidely abandonned their homeland. The few remaining honorary members are busy handling their own affairs and serving new masters who took advantage of the city's plight.
Alternative Name(s)
The Dried Apricot
Large city
26200 people
Inhabitant Demonym

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