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Kingdom of Hutan

The Kingdom of Hutan is a proud Orc nation that was created after the mass exodus of the enslaved Orc tribes of the Holy Azun Empire.

Led by the enlightened King

Uzul Olodagh
, 1st of his people, the tribes settled the forests, formerly known as the Tavasil forest, now Induk Hutan and Gelap Hutan


The kingdom spans from Skunk River in the north, Lake Tuskwater to the east, the Jarldoms of Kraterang and Skymining in the west and Valdkir River and Lake Ahstuk in the south.

With no lack of aggressors around their lands, the Orcs of Hutan have grown to become mighty warriors that make usre of fairly aggressive tactics to keep their forested lands safe from invaders like the United Chiefdoms of the Shagar Tribes, the Archduchy of Grune and of course their eternal enemies the Holy Azun Empire.

The Hutan forest is rich in game and filled with precious hardwood, and herbs but by far their greatest pride is their livestock, goats, horses, oxen and sheep that they use to secure a series of exotic goods they value.


Demography and Population

80% Orc
10% Azunati (Aasimar, Dim)
5% Half Orc
5% Other
1200 Mariners
150 War Barges
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Silver Coin
Related Species

Non Aggression, Open Trade, Map Exchange

Cultural Exchange of Shipbulders of Hutan for Priests/Clerics


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