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Kingdom of Cyliel

The Elven Kingdom of Cyliel spans south of the Valdkir river. Heavily forested lands fiercely defended by an army of tree-jumping elven warriors.   Cyliel is in a constant state of aggression against the forces of the Holy Azun Empire which continuesly pushes northwards into Erwyn Cyliel (the south part of the forest)   The Kingdom of Cyliel has a long tradition of making some of the most extraordinary wooden weapons and works of art. The honey produced in their forest is known to be the sweetest and most aromatic honey in Anvil.   Although rarely exported or seen outside of their forest, the horses bred and trained in Cyliel are known for their incredible agility and speed.   The capital of the Kingdom is located on the shores of, Cyliathus a major tributary of the Great Qalb River. The whole capital is built above ground in a combination of platforms on top of massive trees and magically woven branches and trunks that create living wooden buildings.
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