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The anvil is a world created by a patchwork of chunks of other worlds that all came together.

It is not clear how many worlds constitute the world of the Anvil. In the last eleven years there has been 11 new transfers but it is also known that the world had people before those and that the idea and stories of the transfers predate the last eleven years. That very fact makes it almost certain that many of the lands of Anvil were also transferred in the past, a past that is now forgotten by most. [/p

With new lands introduced at a stable pace and some of the old lands being repositioned in this puzzle like world, most of the landmasses are unexplored and transformed at such a rate neither those who were here beforehand or those that come anew ever have the full picture of the shape or size of the Anvil.

All of the lands of the anvil seem to be almost floating on top of a massive and deep ocean. By all calculations the world is not spherical but a disk that is being circled by three moons and a single bright white sun.

The Edges and Gaps

The Anvil is a flat world, and as such it has boundaries. Not many of the people that ever reached a boundary but those who did talk about a vast darkness without an end and the waters of the ocean or the land being cut by an invisible barrier that diffuses the light of the sun like an upside down glass bowl that lids the world.

Many explorers report that the world is filled with holes that no land not water exist, like torn pieces of a fabric.

Alternative Name(s)
The Found Lands, The patchwork
Plane of Existence
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