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  • Originally from the great planes of Quiril in the far west side of the Great sand Sea
  • A nomadic group of shepards and goat herders
  • Knack for selling their wool and mature cheese
  • Very early in the history the lands that the Dhelians lived were absorbed into the Empire of Hefunla
  • The advanced society of the Empire so the Dhelians as backwater citizens and made sure that heavy taxation and lack of education will keep them at bay and servile.
  • A strong and enlightened leadership of the tribe made sure that their young got educated, finding the best and sending them to the academies of the capitals of the empire
  • Years of good management and refinement got the Dhelians tribes to come closer together and thrive in spire of the heavy taxation
  • They built vast land trade networks and leveraged good practces to refine the quality of their products and make them an important part of the economy of the Empire
  • The apogee of their success was reached when they discovered the properties of the mucus generated by a spieces of Axolotl that lives in lakes high in the mountains that separate the great planes from the Great Sand sea where the Dhelians used to graze their herds of fine wool high altitude sheep.
  • That mucus after being processed, was able to generate one of the richest and more eye-pleasing red wool dyes that were ever created.
  • The color took the empire by storm making the tribes incredibly wealthy and influential.
  • Imperial agent trying to curb the flow of wealth to the Dhelians tried to find the well kept secret. Failing that the Imperial army decided to use an old obscure trial as a reasoning to order five imperial legions to massacre the three largest cities and production centers of the Dhelians.
  • Thousands perished and the ones that survived were hunted down. All assets that were found got siezed by the emperor as reparations for damages that the imperial family claimed that Dhelian rebels caused and all shops and warehouses across the empire passed to the hands of the Emperor by a series emergency laws.
  • Although that caused some serious trouble across the already failing empire that buckled under pressures across its regions, it was already too late for the now-marked for death Dhelians.
  • A massive nomadic convoy was created and over twentyfive thousand refugees decded that the only way to escape the grasp of the empire was to cross the Great Sand Sea
  • The passage took over 100 days, over half of the people of the convoy perished along the way until at the 90th day of their journey, Dhelian scouts discovered the Tal'nes (Azure blood) river that led them to the site of their current capital the Grand City of Dhelos.
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