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Zuggi Jewelseeker

Most of the Underdark natives know better, but the surface dwellers? They're so gullible, especially when on vacation and acting like tourists.
— Zuggi
A mix of business and con man, Zuggi Jewelseeker is a scoundrel with many plans. He is the owner of the famous Midnight Kingdom; it's his main source of income. This isn't enough for him and he's always coming up with different ways to essentially scam people.

Physical Description

Zuggi is short and stout. He has dark grey skin, violet eyes, and a bald head. Faint wrinkles tug at his pock marked skin. His nose is short and wide. There is a jagged scar on the back of his skull that runs diagonally from the bottom of his left ear to just above his right ear.


Boisterous and extroverted, Zuggi loves indulgence and parties. Despite being social, there is an ever looming skeevy aura about him. It would appear that many who are close to him only stick around for the possibility of using his money or other resources. Most of his "glamorous" life is a fa├žade in a sense, as he is very cheap and rarely spends much if possible. Zuggi typically wears costume jewelry and fights for whatever deals or discounts he can get.

A Greedy Con Man

Owning a lucrative amusement park isn't enough for Zuggi. He is always scheming up ways to bring in more income and does not care if these side hustles provide any benefits or potentially harms people. Sometimes he has goons assist him, othertimes he just whips up something in his basement.
Deep Gnome
Cis Male
Current Location

Scams and Other Endeavors

  Feel Good Juice

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