The Midnight Kingdom

"Looking for your next fabulous adventure during your stay in the Underdark? Well look no further! The Midnight Kingdom is full of thrills, laughs, and scrumptious food. Consider us for your next family trip and see that we've certainly earned all of our reviews. First time visitors will receive a free travel mug upon entering the park. Tickets are available both online and at the front gates."
— T.V commercial featuring park owner Zuggi Jewelseeker standing on a stool in front of the entrance. Hypnotic carnival music plays in the background.
  Journey to the center of Omari's Underdark and step into a world of delight and mystery. The Midnight Kingdom popped up seemingly out of nowhere near the start of the current era. It started as a small carnival and over time, grew into a large theme park. It became a popular destination among folks of all ages. Ownership changed hands several times before staying in the grasp of a peculiar deep gnome named Zuggi Jewelseeker. He wears a pink pinstriped suit while all the other staff wear extravagant purple costumes with masks.   Neon lights line the walkways and adorn some of the rides and game stalls. They imitate the natural bioluminescence found within the cavernous Underdark.  



Bumper Snails:

Children and adults both love this classic ride. The set up is the same as bumper cars, but the buggies are designed to look like cave snails. They come in green, purple, and blue with matching colored light emitting from the eyestalks.   

The Fun Wheel:

A large Ferris wheel with mushroom shaped seating. They alternate in color from red to purple. Each mushroom has white spots on the cap area. The middle portion of the wheel is plastered with a large image of Zuggi's smiling face.    

Fisher's Drop:

Experience all the fun and thrill of being a cave fisher's next victim without the real danger. Atop a fake cliff sit three statues of the creatures. Attached to each is a strong, imitation "thread" acting as a bungee cord. Staff will wrap you up in a bundle around the torso at the end of the thread and let you bounce and dangle for several minutes after dropping over the edge.   

Spider Chase:

A coaster ride that zooms visitors through a majority of the park grounds. Cars are large spiders that fit two people each in groups of four. The spiders are a bright white with electric blue spotting. Multiple sets run the track at a time, spaced out by a few minutes. The track consists of steep hills, a few corkscrews, dark tunnels, and two loops.   


A standard attraction found in most parks and carnivals. Visitors will not find beautiful horses and carriages here, however. In their place are rideable spiders, scorpions, and centipedes. Mushroom seats are available as well. It is two floors and located in another building. During the ride the main lights are turned off. All the creatures and mushrooms glow different shades of blue and green. The walls of the room are covered in glowing eye shapes and other designs.   

Cave Maze:

Narrow tunnels are carved into a rock wall forming a manmade cave network. Guests are let in a few at a time, spaced out to prevent back ups or path clogging. The only light comes from the bioluminescent mushrooms and other plants the park staff grew on the walls and path. Visitors are allowed to take a small glow orb if they wish to provide only a little more light. The maze leads to an open area with a box of small, assorted colored rocks and gems; guests allowed to take one before leaving through the nearby exit.    

Events and Other Activities 

  Located in the center of the park is a large stage. Here concerts are held on most weekends. Popular performers include Orion Starbreeze, The Haze, Cory Crabapple, Drizzle Daze, Spella Enchanted, and Gristleback. Concerts are free to visitors. Seating is on a first come basis with accessible areas reserved for those who need it. On occasion other events like circus performers or comedy acts are shown. There are tables set up for performers to sell any merchandise if they wish.
Theme park
Founding Date
Hours of Operation
50SP Children 100SP Adults Free Seniors

Delectable Delights

There are plenty of food and drink options within the Midnight Kingdom. Visitors can typically snack on: Stuffed baked mushrooms, roasted and salted crickets, many types of popcorn, sautéed cave prawn, large sticks of rock candy, gummy slugs, pickled snails, mushroom burgers, rock grape wine, and potatoes in many forms.   A unique eatery called the Kobold's Crockpot is located in the park and is a favorite among patrons looking for a new eating experience.  


There are three gift shops located in the front, middle, and back of the park for visitors to purchase a variety of trinkets. Gift Shop Items
Item Price
Postcard 2CP
Poster 4CP
Magnet 6CP
Small Rubber Toy 8CP
Playing Cards 10CP
Calendar 12CP
Geode 20CP
Plushie 35CP
Cup/Mug 1SP
CD With Park Music 2SP
Hat 4SP
Reusable Bag 5SP
T-Shirt 5SP
Sweatshirt 6SP
Ring 6SP
Earrings 6SP
Pendant 8SP


The Midnight Kingdom boasts a leisure section chock full of games with many prizes to claim. Each one costs 10 copper per attempt / set and there are no limits on the number of plays. Visitors can win various stuffed critters, small trinkets, and posters. There is also a standard arcade where 10 tokens cost 5 copper and 25 tokens will cost 10 copper.   Balloon Pop - 3 darts per try   Ring Toss - 4 rings per try   Slug Throw - 5 slugs per try (Throw fake, sticky slugs at a scored board )   Spider Derby - 2 picks per play (On a walled table roam mechanical spiders. Pick two and the color on the bottom indicates the prize.)   Geode Smash - A race of sorts. Everyone keeps their geode in the end. The first person to break theirs wins a bonus prize.

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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