Yeah, yeah, I know I come off as a grouch to others. I still cook a damn good meal though. I wouldn't have this job otherwise.
— Tasty
    This older, bristled tiefling has many years of cooking experience under their belt. Tasty runs the main kitchen on a luxury airship. They also oversee all dining staff and handle ordering stock items.    

Physical Appearance

  Tasty is 6' tall with a broader build. They were more muscular when younger, but gained a thicker belly as they aged. Their skin is a muted dark blue. They have shoulder length straight black hair that is often pulled back with a tie. Their eyes are rounded and solid black in color.   Tasty's horns attach at the top of their head and curve backwards before curling up a bit at the tips. Each horn has a small gold cap attached to the ends. Their ears are pointed and each have two gold piercings on the upper cartilage.    


  Tasty is gruff and one of the least talkative among their coworkers. They only speak when necessary like giving commands in the kitchen. Tasty isn't inherently mean or rude, but their foul mouth and bluntness can be off putting. They do not tolerate a dirty kitchen or anyone who disregards food safety.  


  • Creating new recipes
  • Alcohol
  • Poker
  • Reading comics
  • Dislikes

  • Food waste
  • Small talk
  • Romance books / films
  • Tea

    Early Life

      Tasty was born to an elven mother and father. They started as an elf as well before seeking out the tiefling transformation as a young adult. Their family lived in Shimmerwick. Tasty spent most of their free time roaming the city streets seeking out fun activities.   One summer day as a teen, Tasty ate a meal at a restaurant that was so delicious, they wanted to learn how to make it. This spurred their growing love of cooking. They began by learning traditional elven cuisine from their parents. Over time, Tasty made an effort to learn as many recipes as possible.
    Fiend blood
    Non Binary
    They / Them
    Head chef on the Flying Palace

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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