Sunny Bell

Everyone is welcome to both my house and food truck. Juniper and I will treat you right and provide a homey atmosphere. I can only hope you leave feeling better, even if just for a moment.
— Sunny
    This sweet halfling owns and runs the Sweets N Smiles food truck in the glittering city of Shimmerwick. She lives on the outskirts of the city with her wife and four cats.    

Physical Appearance

  Sunny is 4'2 tall with a soft, medium build. She has tan skin with the occasional small mole in places. Her hair is dark brown, thick, and curly. It reaches just past her ears. Sunny's eyes are brown and almond shaped.   Her wardrobe is full of bright colors, mainly yellows and oranges. Her favorite dress and accessories have sunflowers on them. Sunny often wears a wide brimmed sun hat with a black ribbon.    


  She is an empathetic mother figure to everyone she meets. Sunny is patient and accepting of others, no matter their walk of life. She's passionate about her hobbies and enjoys teaching others her craft.  


  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Brunch with Juniper
  • Butterflies
  • Crosswords
  • Dislikes

  • Snow
  • Tomatoes
  • Hiking
  • Food Waste

    Early Life

      Sunny was born to two male halflings and was an only child. She grew up in Mistview where she often helped her parents at their cafe. They taught her many baking recipes and encouraged her to experiment in the kitchen.   She learned compassion from them and would adopt their hiring policies as an adult. Her fathers believed in second chances and lowering barriers to employment. She met a wide array of folks working at the cafe. Sunny loved listening to their stories while working on homework during slow periods.   Sunny took on a baking apprenticeship after completing basic school. She would move several times before finally settling in Shimmerwick. It would be here that she met Juniper who worked at a flower shop.    

    The Food Truck

      After growing bored of running a stationary shop, Sunny wanted a change of pace. Juniper suggested giving a food truck a try. They could keep their initial bakery open and leave a trusted, long time employee in charge. It would act as their main base where truck items could also be prepped. New employees would undergo training there as well.   Sunny stuck with her confection theme and purchased the vehicle after weeks of research. Her first day on the road happened on a warm spring day. It was an immediate hit. Juniper suggested adding boba to their menu, which helped increase sales and popularity.
    Cis Female
    She / Her
    Baker / Barista
    Current Location
    Juniper Bell

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    She sounds so lovely, I want to go have brunch with her at her food truck! :) And she has four cats! <3

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