Ozax's Radio

Hand this note to...team...Can't fail...Rich bastards must pay.
— Snippets of some conversation interjected into a classical music station.
  This one of a kind radio seemingly appeared out of nowhere one day in 912. An elderly man bought the item from a traveling antique shop. Neither he nor the seller knows where it came from or who built it. The shop owner claims he found it at an estate sale where the people there didn't know about it either.    

A Misleading Appearance

  This is a standard sized radio with two speakers on its face along with the usual buttons and dials. It is made from a hard plastic that is a bright pink. The antenna is thin and made from a lightweight metal.   It is covered in purple and blue star stickers that never seem to fade. The name Calliope is written on the bottom in black permanent marker. It's written in a small, neat script. A long white plug is attached to its back and can wrap around two plastic hooks for storage.    

Unique Enchantments

  The radio is enchanted and its current owner Ozax is only aware of one ability. On top of its normal functions, it can pick up communication channels / conversations from just about any source. The magic is divination in nature. It is considered a form of cross dimensional eavesdropping.   "Frequencies" it can listen in on include: phone calls, spoken conversations, spells / cantrips used for communication, and other radio signals. It has the ability to receive signals from other planes, but Ozax has yet to fully figure that out. There is a limited range based on proximity, but no one's figured it out yet.   To date the use of this item appears safe. It doesn't cause harm or other effects to its user. The enchantment seems to prevent people from knowing it was used on their conversations. Ozax doesn't know how to use this ability to its full potential. He currently believes the divines are allowing him to listen to the plots of evil people.   A more hidden ability.
There is one other enchantment that Ozax hasn't noticed. There is a small button shaped like an open book that is easy to miss. Once pressed, it will project an animated image of whatever the user is listening to. A quick double press can cycle through different colors and filters. To turn it off, another single press is needed.
Entertainment / Communication
Year Created
Current Owner
Ozax Silverquill
Current Location

Cover image: by Krzysiek


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2 Jan, 2022 19:52

I like the idea of enchanted technology, using the radio kind of for it's original purposes, but in a far more advanced way. The visual imagery is good too, I can easily picture it in my head.

2 Jan, 2022 20:25

Thank you! I would've liked to have drawn an image for this as well before WE ended, but ran out of steam for any art attempts. So I'm glad it can still be imagined. This was super fun to write and I really do enjoy trying to merge magic and tech together when possible.