Ozax Silverquill

People are quick to mock me and write me off as some old cook who doesn't know what he's talking about. I am certain the messages I receive will help people some day. I just want to help.
— Ozax
    This elderly man is best known for the tabloid articles he writes for a popular website. Most of his content are claims of horrible events he learned of in some divination ritual or another. Despite most claims having no basis, people still read his work as it is entertaining.    

Physical Appearance

  Ozax is 5'5" tall with a fat build. He has light skin that is only mildly wrinkled. His head is bald, but he does have a silver mustache. He has gray eyes with a persistent cataract in the left one. Most of his teeth are still in tact and healthy.   There is a tattoo of a full moon surrounded by a circle of runes on his back. The ink glows under UV light. Ozax also has a quill tattooed on the inside of his right forearm.    


  Despite coming off as odd or delusional to many, Ozax means well. He has reclusive and paranoid tendencies. Research and divination are his passions and he loves finding new books to read. When he's feeling adventurous, Ozax likes to explore libraries and book shops.  


  • Mystery novels
  • Black tea
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Antiques
  • Dislikes

  • Large crowds
  • Mints
  • Dishonesty
  • Snow

    Early Life

      Ozax was born to a human mother and father and has lived in Shimmerwick his entire life. His mother raised him as a single parent after his father passed from cancer when he was only a year old. They lived in an older apartment building. Ozax was alone most of the time due to his mother working long hours.   To entertain himself, he was either reading a book or finding ways to spy on neighbors he deemed "suspicious". At some point, mystery stories and tales of conspiracies caught his attention. Ozax loved trying to find symbols and meanings in everything.   As a teenager Ozax learned of the Luminous University and the potential certain magic could wield in his areas of interest. He applied and was accepted. Ozax only lasted a year due to his rising anxieties. Defeated, he opted to pursue writing as a backup.  
    I lived with my mother for quite some time while I figured things out. Neither of us minded; we helped each other in different ways. Thankfully I was able to land a spot rather quickly. Sure, the writing didn't bring in much, but I also handled the occasional odd job while also dealing with antiques and other collectibles.
    — Ozax

    Tabloids and Beyond

      Ozax managed to find his place writing articles for a website that covers a variety of topics related to oddities, conspiracies, and more. The owner loved his style and content. This publication has been his main career, even in his old age.   He is best known for his ravings about foretold events that may or may not happen. Most are bogus. Ozax still tries and cycles through different divination techniques in hopes of finding something that could eventually help others.    

    The Radio

      In 912, Ozax acquired a peculiar Radio from a traveling antique shop. Something about it called to him, so he took it home. He initially used it to listen to music while working late nights writing articles. Then a week later, something unusual happened.   Ozax noticed brief snippets of words and sentences interrupting his music. At first he dismissed it as standard radio interference. Within a few days the messages sounded rather ominous and not like any program he's listened to before.   He took this as a sign and now spends his free hours scanning frequencies for more messages. Ozax aims to use these to uncover dubious plots and warn people who may be affected by them.
    Cis Male
    He / Him
    Tabloid Author
    Current Location


  • Beware the Fish Man
  • Moon's Fall
  • Hedge Travel
  • People in the Mirror
  • Children

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