Harbinger's Hands

Ah, so you've taken an interest in that ol' thing? I'm pretty sure it's some ancient knick nack or other. Couldn't put an exact price on it if I tried. Tell ya what, share some juicy secrets or gossip with me and I'll let you take it. The damn thing kinda gives me the creeps. Bad vibes, ya know? I'm pretty sure I heard weird static from it one night.
— Gizmo
    This is one of the few surviving artifacts that are associated with the Hands of The End cult. It's the only one of its kind; it's unknown if more replicas were owned by the Hands.   In (year), a teenager "purchased" the gemstone statue from the tiefling Gizmo at his traveling shop the Trinket Depot. The shop keep couldn't remember where he obtained it from like a majority of his wares.   In less than a year, the teen handed the statue over to a museum that specializes in such items. He claimed it was upsetting to keep, but wouldn't explain further. It now resides at the museum within a special enchanted case. Occasionally high level mages tinker with it under strict supervision.    

Appearance and Materials

  The entire statue is carved out of a hunk of onyx. It's solid black in color and heavy despite its small size. The item depicts a pair of hands and partial forearms. They are connected at the arms and are facing each other. The hands are cupped and pointing away from one another.   Nestled within the hands is an orb carved to look like a vortex of sorts. The whole statue is one singular item carved in one go.    


  These hands are one of the main symbols associated with the cult. It represents their desire at the time to break free from the material plane so that their star bound souls could be free. They didn't care about the repercussions of the ritual that eventually happened. The Hands' ritual was the main cause of the old continents of Omari to sink into the oceans.
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