That man is just as mysterious as that weird shop of his. He's got to be older than dirt, but doesn't look a day past thirty I'd say. I visited that place once when I was a young girl. Nearly sixty years later, I stumbled upon him again and he looks exactly the same. I have to wonder what sort of divine blessing or curse may be at work.
    Gizmo is an enigma known far and wide. He and his shop have been around long before the new islands were created. No one truly knows where he came from or just how old he really is. Even his closest friends don't know all of his secrets.    

Physical Appearance

  Gizmo is 6'2 with an average build. His skin is a pale lavender. He has long, straight, white hair that he often braids in a single or double strand. Gizmo's eyes are a solid, shimmering gold. Each eye has the image of a tiny, rotating gear in the center.   A pair of short antlers grow from the top of his head. He often decorates them with various jewelry and ornaments. Gizmo has long pointed ears and he uses hearing aids. Both earlobes are pierced with two small gold hoops.    


  Gizmo is friendly and welcoming to everyone he meets, friend and customer alike. He is patient and there are few things that annoy or anger him. Everyone is welcome in his shop so long as they do not steal or break anything. Gizmo is flexible with payments; if someone doesn't have the coin, he accepts trades and favors.   Most people don't know much about him. Gizmo keeps many secrets. He loves telling wild tales and is always changing the details with each iteration. No one is certain which stories actually happened.  


  • Rare books
  • Collections
  • Cats
  • Traveling
  • Dislikes

  • Wasteful people
  • Being vulnerable
  • Cursed items
  • Rain
  • Species
    Unknown Origin
    Trans Male
    He / Him
    They / Them
    Shop Keeper
    Antique Seller
    Associated Business
    Trinket Depot

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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