I don't visit often, but when I do, I swear things look different every time. Despite the dangers of dealing with fey, it's still a georgous landscape. I'm always blown away by the plant life and landmarks. It can be straining on the eyes though; it's like the entire dimension is nearing maximum color saturation.
— A snippet of Birki Kroon's travel blog.
    Beyond the hedge on a different plane, lies the colorful world of the Feywild. The archfey who rule over the lands used to be selective of visitors. There have been many times where the portals were sealed off. In current years, people typically can come and go as they please, so long as they don't break any rules.    

Season Locked Lands

  The Feywild is comprised of locations that are locked into one season. They never change naturally; a season can only be forced to switch through intense magic. Each region is controlled by a corresponding seasonal court. These groups are ruled by powerful archfey who oversee everything and everyone below them.  


These regions are still colorful, but their hues are more of a pastel range. They belong to the Spring Court.    


These pleasant regions are covered in warm hues of oranges, reds, and yellows. It's ruled by the Autumn Court.


The brightest and warmest regions of the realm covered in many colors. The Summer Court oversees the land here.    


The frigid snow and ice covered regions ruled by the Winter Court. There is no warmth and little to no color.
  Lesser Courts
There are a handful of smaller courts that are typically hidden and less involved in the quarrels of the larger courts. No one is certain of their exact numbers and locations. These courts are: Moon / Star, Dream, and Shadow.
Dimensional Plane

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