Artisan's Guild

This guild was established to ensure the quality and safety of many types of produced goods/services. Citizens in businesses under their jurisdiction are not required to join or associate, but they still must follow production, quality, and safety guidelines. Members of the guild gain access to benefits like discounted material prices, priority booths at exhibitions/shows/festivals/etc, special shipping services, first access to the newest tech/tools, and more. The main headquarters is located in Shimmerwick and numerous guild halls are scattered across the islands.    It was founded in the year 180, formed by a group of several small businesses looking to benefit each other while improving growth and a stronger consumer base. When a string of contaminated goods reached the market via the carelessness of just a few workers, the guild created a thorough document of strict guidelines and rules to follow to prevent similar or worse failures in the future. This document is reviewed every three years and updates are added as needed when new, unaddressed problems or failures in current systems arise.

Craftsmanship and services of the highest caliber.

Founding Date
Guild, Craftsmen
Notable Members

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