Jisig-ui Jib (cisik'ūy cip)

(Korean) 지식의 집 - The House of Knowledge

If you manage to tear your eyes away from the all-consuming storm at the core of Dreibein Meer, you may be tempted to flee to the pulsing verdant glow of Yeong-Wonhan Sup. Our advice? Don't.

Jisig-ui Jib is the arcological home of the Salam.


Silence permeates the OMEGA Chamber. The slow pulse of indigo illuminates clusters of Elemental corpses dangling from thick cables. The descicated berry bunches decorating an unseen gallows tree.

A diminutive figure slouches in a grey throne in a clearing at the center of the room. Deep cracks line a furrowed brow betraying an unfathomable fatigue. The surface alien but no longer crawling with Aberration where the fading conflagaration still echoes the conclusion of the great war.

Elsewhere machines whir a ceaseless grind. A thousand minds working in tandem to sample, assess, and rebuild. Slowly life sprouts and grows. Creeping the long emptied pathways of İlerleme Tapınağı.

A Utopian Vision

What use is longevity if invaders can destroy it in an instant? Never again will we be forced to train our children for war. Never again will we retreat into the darkness and hope for the storm to pass. Never again will our light be permitted to fade.

Peace and security. Two fundamental desires drive the creation of Jisig-ui Jib.

The high density community concentrates key assets to defendable areas. Its denizens move unencumbered along pedestrian focused thoroughfares. Every aspect of the city prioritizes conservation of energy and movement, time and materials. Everything shares a minimalist, high-efficiency approach to merge life and nature so the very fabric of the world serves and protects the city's creators.

To be in Jisig-ui JIb is not to be in a city rather to be part of one. Critical systems have inherent protection through redundancy and segmentation. Food, water, and consumer goods are produced and stored on-site. Everyone and everything has a defined purpose.

Central Citadel

The central citadel is a former research facility of the Erudite of İlerleme Tapınağı before the completion of Project Aionos (Digivine). It is a single story building when viewed form the surface but extends into a labrynth network below ground.   Within the lobby is a river running north-south, bisecting the hall. It cascades down 27 levels powering turbines that produce hydroelectric energy to each of the research levels.   Formal Sciences

Level 1 - Logic

The assessment of argument  

Level 2 - Mathematics

The study of quanity (arithmetic), structure (algebra), geometry (space), and change (analysis).  

Level 3 - Statistics

Data collection, organization, intepretation and presentation.  

Level 4 - Systems Theory

Integration and relation of different systems  

Level 5 - Decision Theory

Study of choices - both how to define optimal decisions and how decisions are made  

Level 6 - Theoretical Computer Science

Computational mathematics and computation theory including algorithyms, data structures, etc.   Natural Sciences (Physical)

Level 7 - Physics

The analysis of nature to understand how the universe behaves  

Level 8 - Chemisty

The study of matter and the changes it undergoes.  

Level 9 - Earth Science

Level 10 - Space Science & Astronomy

  Natural Sciences (Life)

Level 11 - Biochemistry

Level 12 - Microbiology

Level 13 - Botany

Level 14 - Zoology

Level 15 - Ecology

  Social Sciences

Level 16 - Anthropology

Level 17 - Cognitive Science

Level 18 - Cultural Studies

Level 19 - Demography

Level 20 - Development Studies

Level 21 - Education

Level 22 - Environmental Studies

Level 23 - Folklorists

Level 24 - Gender and Sexual Studies

Level 25 - Geography

Level 26 - Gerontology

Level 27 - History

Level 27 - Industrial Relations

Level 27 - Information Science

Level 27 - International Studies

Level 27 - Law

Level 27 - Legal Management

Level 27 - Library Science

Level 27 - Linquistics

Level 27 - Management

Level 27 - Media Studies

Level 27 - Philosophy

Level 27 - Planning

Level 27 - Political Science

Level 27 - Psychology

Level 27 - Religious Studies

Level 27 - Science & Technology Studies

Level 27 - Social Work

Level 27 - Sociology

Level 27 - Sustainable Development

Level 27 - Sustainable Studies

  Applied Sciences

Level 27 - Actuarial Science

Level 27 - Agricultural Science

Level 27 - Architecture

Level 27 - Computing Technology

Level 27 - Education

Level 27 - Electronics

Level 27 - Energy Technology

Level 27 - Energy Storage

Level 27 - Engineering

Level 27 - Environmental Science

Level 27 - Forensic Science

Level 27 - Health Science

Level 27 - Applied Linguistics

Level 27 - Management

Level 27 - Microtechnology

Level 27 - Military Science

Level 27 - Applied Physics

Level 27 - Space Science

Level 27 - Spacial Science



By Class

Employed: 153 (47%)
Militant: 1,042 (32%)
Erudite: 684 (21%)
Unable: 620 (16%)

By Ethnicity

Salam: 1,318 (34%)

By Life Stage

Child: 39 (1%)
Adolescent: 155 (4%)
Young Adult: 1,744 (45%)
Settled Adult: 1,356 (35%)
Elder: 581 (15%)

Founding Date
1 CE
Location under


Author's Notes

Pronunciation guide is from Wiktionary using Yale Romanization of 지식, , and . Arcological design elements taken from Arcosanti (The Consanti Foundation).

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