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Dreibein Meer

(German) Three-legged Sea

Dreibein Meer is a sea in east central Olutanri. In the center of the sea, directly above Kaynağı Toprak, is a 90 mi (diameter) superstorm.   Countless underwater creatures have been claimed by the storm over the years resulting in a heavily diminished population and biodiversity of the sea. The loss of food supply has been devestating to many of the island peoples living on the sea.   Trade between the islands has also been heavily impacted since travel through the the storm is suicidal and the ocean currents are so strong that only traveling in a counterclockwise direction between the islands is possible.


Open ocean ~1 mi deep surrounded by islands of varying size

Localized Phenomena

A mile tall waterfunnel spins counterclockwise from the oceanbed to the surface. 100 mph winds scream through the perpetually overcast skies. The only illumination piercing the heavens is offered by lightning from the immense static electricity building in the sky.   This torrent extends for 45 miles in each direction before it finally starts to subside but the chaos doesn't stop there. Ocean currents in the area all curve toward the storm. Sailing with the current (CCW) is a relative breeze when compared the folly of the opposite direction.   Beneath the waves, erosion is slowly wearing away at the ocean floor causing it to increase in depth. Which increases the strength of the funnel. And the storm. And the area affected by erosion. And the erosion rate. In a viscious, self-reinforcing cycle will eventually threaten then consume the entire region.


The storm has been growing in size and intensity ever since the conclusion of Müthiş Savaş - The 999 Year War.
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