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Müthiş Savaş - The 999 Year War

(Turkish) Armageddon. The Prodigious War.

Müthiş Savaş refers to both the great battle between The First Aspect and The One Who Was Before, and the concurrent war between sapient species present during the Original Era (chiefly the Aberration and Elemental).

The Conflict


In 1230 OE, The First Aspect left The Singularity and entered its creation - the primordial world of Olutanri. The initial landscape was little more than raw elemental energy. Some regions appeared to be arranged into basic shapes like the toy blocks stacked by a child, while others were much more... ambiguous, like a fingerpainted picture. Irrespectively, no significant life yet existed. So The First Aspect did what many children do - it desired interaction with a sentient lifeform and so it came to be.

The first steps of life were as simple as how the Elemental species came to be. A basic power structure was imminently apparent with the The First Aspect at the top, the four Primordial Architects in the middle, and the rest of the Elementals below. Yet conflicts were few and far between, each Elemental ethnicity (the Tafe, the Fuku, the Bauen, and the Brucaire) had their natural giftings, tasks, and leader. The early times of Olutanri were a period of peace and collaboration as The First Aspect and Elemental built for themselves a more physical world.


The Arrival

Without warning, The One Who Was Before breached the known boundaries of reality in 9000 OE carrying legions of Aberration within its form.

The First Aspect and the Elemental were both caught unawares and had no experience with conflict or hostility. Yet they were in their creation and they had the command of elemental power brought forth by Dört Göz.

The First Aspect transformed so it could challenge The One Who Was Before in the heavens, leaving the Elemental to defend the world below. As Aberration poured from the hide of The One Who Was Before, the Elemental organized themselves and learned to change their tools and their creation into the weapons of war.


The Wages of War

For nearly a millenia, Elemental fought Aberration. Battles consumed Olutanri with both sides suffering immense casualties. The scale, although oscillating, remained deadlocked between the two sides - the unknown history of the Aberration seemed to give them an advantage of numbers, but mastery over the elements and the world itself provided the Elemental and equally brutal edge. But over time the Aberration's numbers dwindled and the Elemental resources grew thin.
  Meanwhile a similar battle continued above - the intelligence and creative power of The First Aspect against the raw strength and durability of The One Who Was Before.


The Threads of Fate

Unbeknownst to anyone, a battle of time and resources was slowly favouring one side over the other. While the Elemental and The First Aspect accessed the same elemental power causing it to wane, the depletion of Aberration from within The One Who Was Before made it less encumbered with each subsequent slaughter.


The Price of Cowardice

Battles became less frequent, the Elemental reinforced themselves within their fortresses, and the Aberration roamed free. The Great Withdraw redistributed an untold number of Bauen, Brucaire, Fuku, and Tafe amoung the surviving Elemental settlements, and shifted the paradigm for war. What previously drove the population to assault the Aberration invaders disappeared nearly overnight.

The Great Divide

The defeatist attitude of the Primordial Architects redirected research and production from the components for a defensive war to those necessary to survive one of attrition (see Types of Warfare). The resulting political schism touched every surviving Elemental community. Some perished while fighting the invaders in disunity and some collapsed in civil war but most complied with their leaders' desire. One isolated group, 선험적 이단 (Seonheomjeog Idan), laboured along a different path.


The Cataclysm

So then on one fated day, a fatal bite from The One Who Was Before decapitated The First Aspect. The First Aspect's body, headless and limp, exploded, unleashing a cataclysm of raw elemental power that annihilated the vast majority of the primordial world and inundated the body of The One Who Was Before. The greatest torrent of energy spewed from The First Aspect's headless neck into The One Who Was Before's gullet, filling its donjon to capacity. And so, The One Who Was Before was terraformed to create Olutanri.


A Somber End, and New Beginnings

Patronless, the few remaining Elemental beings shifted the Dört Göz and withdrew from the world. Aberration survivors, if they did exist, retreated into the corpse of their former host to be lost for all time.

In the years that followed, new lifeforms would develop to populate this new world. Unaware of their predecessors or the death that came before them, they learn and grow. Beholden to noone they explore and settle the rocky carcass of an unknown entity.

Welcome to the New World
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
9000 OE
Ending Date
9999 OE
Conflict Result
Mutual Destruction & Annihilation of the Primordial World

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Author's Notes

Worldbuilding Advent Calendar 2020 - 3 / 31

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