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İlerleme Tapınağı

(Turkish) Temple of Progress

A community of Elemental (predominantly Bauen and Tafe) that focused on the creation of plant life during The Original Era.

The settlement was renamed İlerleme Kalesi after The Great Divide. The civic unrest that followed reduced the population to four classes based on an individual's previous education, knowledge, and experience (as opposed to the losing philosophies of ethnicity or resident vs immigrant): the Erudite, the Militant, the Unable, and the Employed.

Project Aiónios was to be the settlement's salvation through the aligned efforts of the Erudite so long as the Militant withstood the Aberration.


By Class

Employed: 1,530 (47%)
Militant: 1,042 (32%)
Erudite: 684 (21%)
Unable: 620 (16%)

By Ethnicity

Bauen: 1,318 (34%)
Tafe: 1,124 (29%)
Fuku: 814 (21%)
Brucaire: 620 (16%)

By Life Stage

Child: 39 (1%)
Adolescent: 155 (4%)
Young Adult: 1,744 (45%)
Settled Adult: 1,356 (35%)
Elder: 581 (15%)

9999 OE

Founding Date
3585 OE
Alternative Name(s)
İlerleme Kalesi
Large town
3,876 (Pre-Ruin)
Location under
Owning Organization

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