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Udans are the official mascot of World Anvil!

Udans are mischievous yet adorable creatures with an insatiable appetite for sushi, as everyone knows from the popular children's poem, Udan's Love For Sushi. They are a completely domesticated species native to Mofi and originated on an isolated rainforest island.

Udan have become an incredibly popular pet due to their lovable personality and great loyalty. They are perfect companions for children to grow up with as udans are completely harmless and have a very playful nature and love to be cuddled.

Basic Information


Side profile of a blue udan (often called bludans)

Udan are very flexible and have 8 stubby little legs and a tail. They are incredibly good at climbing but not very elegant at getting back down again. Due to the shortness of their legs, udans tend not to run very fast (but look very comical when they do). They also have 2 flexible antennae, a hungry little mouth and two great big eyes.

Genetics and Reproduction

An udan takes care of its egg

Udans mate as most mammals do and are exceptionally loyal to their lifelong mate.

However, instead of birthing, a pregnant udan will grow an egg for four weeks. After laying an egg (which can cause great discomfort) the udan will incubate it by wrapping its body around it to keep the egg warm.

You will often see the udan use their antennae to gently caress the egg - when doing this they are listening to the heartbeat of a baby udan within the egg!

When the baby udan has grown big enough it will no longer fit inside the egg and has to push its way out. It will be very hungry after this exhausting feat and will require mushed food to replenish its strength.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Udan are known to be fussy eaters. Whilst they will seemingly eat anything, the recommended and most nutritional food for an udan is a bug-based diet consisting of fat larvae, worms and insects (as this is what their ancestors would have feasted upon in the wild).

Udans have a sweet spot for sushi - it is not known why, but maki rolls and nigiri make an excellent treat to reward your udan for good behaviour! 1

1 It is recommended that you restrict sushi treats to less than five individual pieces per day, otherwise your udan will gorge itself to obesity.

Additional Information


Udan are a completely domesticated species and can no longer survive on their own. This has made them into incredibly loyal companions who will essentially do anything for food and a cuddle.

They require warm accommodation, a round comfy bed and regular feeding. It's best to feed them whenever you have food or they become incredibly envious and demand a share (usually by trying to climb you to reach your food).

Along with all the food they desire, udans will require regular exercise to burn off those calories. They don't really enjoy being walked but prefer to play games like chase where human involvement is required.

Udans can learn tricks but it is not always easy to teach them - especially anything that involves staying still.
Poopin Udan
Udans raise their butts to poop to avoid getting messy

Facial characteristics

Udan facial expressions

Udans use a combination of their facial muscles and their antennae to convey emotions. Being a domesticated species, they have picked up on a few human expressions such as accentuated frowning by lowering their antennae into straightened downward angles.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Udans use their antennae as ears to pick up vibrations and also use them to convey emotions. The antennae are very sensitive and udans won't like it if you are rough with them as it confuses their perception.
Sushi, cuddles, puddle jumping

Baths, feather dusters, zero gravity
10 years
Average Height
30 cm (all feet touching the floor)
Average Weight
7 kg
Average Length
60 cm (from head to tail)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Different coloured breeds of udan
Udan are most commonly a warm brown colour with slightly darker antennae, however different breeds of udan show a range of vibrant colours and patterns.
The collective name for a group of udans is called a Wiggle
— Udan facts 2718


Author's Notes

This creature article was fleshed out for both the World Anvil Master's Monthly event in March 2018.

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